Hi I posted my bloods approx 3months ago when I was taking 2grain of ndt + ,6mg t3. I was about low on t4 + T3 so upped ndt to 2.25grain but I still felt awful so I have gradually upped it so I'm now on 3.25 grain of ndt + stopped adding T3 as I have zero concentration+ forgetting simple words and names. But since stopping my pains in my arms + wrist have returned + the top of my feet get a burning sensation + like a numb ache going up the inside of my legs if that makes sense. I feel so down + feel as if I'm never going to get better and was hoping that if anyone has any idea what I could do to feel better. Thanks for your help in advance

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Hi - it sounds like you may actually need more T3 rather than more NDT - maybe conversion problems from t4 to t3? But the only way to say conclusively is to have blood tests including FT3.

Hi I did start feeling worse when I stopped adding the T3 but I read that too much T3 can cause problems with memory + concentration but Upton now my memory concentration hasn't improved so I might start adding it back again. Thanks for your help

Sounds like you've got low B12, as well. Have you had your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested?

Hi yes they were all ok. I was actually taking 5000mg of b12 + it was high so I lowered it another taking 3/4 of the tablet

OK, well, that might take a while to improve things. :)

The only accurate way to be sure about conversion is to test whist on Levo. But if you are low in B12, Vit D, folate and ferritin than supplementing those to improve and stay there will help conversion. Took me 6 months to get mine sorted. But I was so much better and had lost half a stone as well though I had tweaked my diet after a food intolerance test to eat what my body was happy with.

Hi on my last bloods my conversion was ok I was just a bit low on T3 + t4 so I thought if I added more ndt I'd be feeling better soon but that wasn't the case + my vits were ok aswell. I've lowered my ndt to 3grain + T3 6mg hoping that I start improving. Thanks for your help

I got my conversion right when on Levo and still take all the supplements to keep it there but I changed over to NDT but went over what I needed. I think I got too obsessed with raising to a number that concentrating more on how I was feeling and missed my sweet spot. Endo told me to drop down from 3 grains to 1.75 which I did gradually and he was spot on! In my case being slightly under and the same over were very similar so I kept raising. I now know I need to drop back to not feeling 100% to see if that helps or not and reassess if necessary.

Thanks for telling me that. it's really helpful cos I think I've done exactly the same as you so I lowered to ,,3grain yesterday from 3.25 so I'll try lowering every week to ,2.25 + 6mg of T3 which my bloods were abit low on both but maybe I didn't give that dose long enough to feel well again. It was about 3 /4 wks. Thanks again for your help

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