Hooray Finally GP listened

Well despite awful weather I'm sunny inside GP finally listens and orders blood tests for everything vitamins B12 and D to name two Since my hair is now thinning at a fast rate of knots I have an appointment with a dermatologist Can't wait A bit of much needed light in my tunnel!! Hope everyone not too unwell today despite rain Chin up yesterday I visited a friend in hospital who has undergone a mastectomy and reconstruction her positivity was amazing. Sunshine after the Rain Life is precious and we have to however hard make the most of the hand we have been dealt Sending the biggest hug I can without hurting anyone more than they already do xx

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Really pleased for you that your gp listened to you, isn't it pitiful that we have to celebrate this fact?

Hi there yes it's awful but a small step forward for me towards the right medications and diagnosis instead of all this hit n misses and shots in the dark which does absolutely nothing for our already battered self esteem I hope this weather isn't hurting you badly Today my head feels too heavy for my neck bad headache and hand pain sickening but I have to shop as I can't tell even my closest as they I am sure like the medical profession have no idea Chin up to all Just need big hug but can't physically endure one Onwards n upwards xx

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