GP refusing to listen to Endo

Hi all

I was just wondering how a GP can refuse to give the dosage of Levothyroxine that an Endo has advised.

My Endo has wrote my GP several letters telling him both myself and her are happy for me to be on 100mcg daily.

How can a GP refuse a specialists advice?

I'm hoping my Endo will now give me the prescription.

So annoyed :(



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  • Lindsayf,

    An NHS endo isn't usually able to use the hospital budget for repeat prescriptions. I would write to the practice manager or senior partner at the practice and ask why your GP is ignoring the dosing recommendation of your endocrinologist. If your GP won't comply perhaps you ought to consider changing GP within the practice or change practice.

  • Hi Clutter

    I'm now filling a form out to go to another practice.

    My current GP owns the practice and he is the only GP there. So I won't get any help if I stay there.

    So frustrating when you think you are getting somewhere only to be knocked back down!

    Thanks Lindsay

  • I looked into this recently and from what I understand they can only refuse treatment from a private specialist. So if your endo is NHS then your gp should be following their recommendations.

  • Hi

    Yes she is an NHS Endo... I'm going to try and speak to her on Monday and I've filled out new forms for a different practice.

    Thanks for replying.

    Did you have a problem hence you knowing this info?

  • Yes I had issues starting treatment even when tsh rose to 16, had to argue for my first rise and dare say I will have to argue if I need another one after my next test. I also have a few other issues and it's the b12 I am having real trouble with and did the research for. I did change practice but so far this hasn't worked for me so I may change again 😀

  • In my case the GPs feel totally free to ignore the endo. My endo prescribed T3, and wrote to the GPs asking them to do the repeat prescriptions, but one of the doctors at my GP surgery told him that they're not allowed to prescribe it.

    The problem, as I see it, is that the GPs have to take responsibility for anything they prescribe, and they usually think that T3 is dangerous, so they won't take responsibility. Also, they don't usually understand what T3 is.

  • So is it a case of having to try and find a GP who will work with an Endo.. I've given up and I'm moving surgery

  • Try to find a really big surgery, where there are lots of GPs to try. Good luck!

  • A GP can refuse to go along with any specialists recommendation's, however they need to have a very good reason to do this as if the specialist is proven to be right and the GP has ignored them the GP could find themselves very vulnerable to a negligence claim. As for a one person GP practice, I would avoid should a place like the plague, who exactly is supervising what the GP is doing-well nobody really, no other doctor watching over them and keeping an eye on things. Harold Shipman was one of those such single person practices-The Shipman inquiry recommended that they be done away with cause there recipes for dodgy practice due to the non existent supervision levels-Avoid them unless the GP happens to be an anti psychiatry psychiatrist who tend to be excellent GPs and have a tendency to work in single person practices as GPs cause they hate the system and the system hates them, they are however usually excellent GPs

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