Finally an endo who listens!

Hi everybody just thought I would give some hope to people who are suffering from Hashi's. I was put on thyroxine a few years ago because of high antibodies and sent to an endo. He told me to stop thyroxine I had no need to be on them just because of having antibodies even though 5 years prior had a high TSH but was not given anything as it was classed as borderline and it was 8.7 but no antibodies were tested at that time. So stopped and a few months later had gone hypo again so docs just put me back on it and told them I did not want to see endo has had been treated appalingly before. 6 months ago I stopped thyroxine as thyroid just seemed to go crazy after stopping steroids suddenly after being on them for 3 months (which I should never have been told to do as they need tappering) a scan has showed left side is shrunken and lace like so proof these antibodies are damaging thyroid! anyway my GP would not put me back on them due to normal TSH so I have resorted to paying to see an endo which I can't afford and have had to get into debt for but I need my health back. Saw a Dr B who had been recommended on here and I am happy to report she has prescribed me thyroxine and was even talking about maybe down the line adding T3 which I have never had so I didn't even ask her about this!

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  • What GREAT news! :) xx

  • Well done you - it's a shame we have to spend money we dont have to get our health back isn't it but many on here are in the same boat, which I think is criminal.

    Glad you have a good outcome and I hope you see an improvement soon.

    Moggie x

  • Very pleased for you. It makes such a difference when you're listened to and notice taken of your symptoms.

    I wanted to kill my endo 6 months ago but had a very constructive consultation this week and I'm looking forward to regaining my health soonish.

  • Thank you, Louise, Moggie and Clutter. Sorry for putting name completely forgot about not being allowed, hopefully the memory will start getting better now! It is criminal Moggie and how the NHS can keep teating people so appalingly is beyond belief. Unfortunately have been quite ill for quite some time due to other conditions so I know it's not magically going to cure me but hopefully will make life a little more bearable. And Clutter hope you are feeling better soon too. X

  • I love good news - hope you're feeling a lot better soon! (not that far away from me either...) J :D

  • I had a good appt this week too, it makes such a difference :). I was referred to King's College by Endo at Medway Maritime as I had them stumped. I saw a Registrar at King's - the appt lasted just under an hour. The doctor took copious notes, ordered numerous tests and I really felt she listened. I'm glad you had such a positive experience too, it's just such a shame you didn't receive the same treatment via the NHS x

  • Hi Pinpink,

    So glad you had a good appointment too :D, it really does make a difference when someone listens. You'll have to keep us posted how you get on once you have had results and everything. I have to say I have completely lost all hope in NHS. Even my kids recieved poor care when they had health issues. I know there must be good doctors out their somewhere it's just finding them! x

  • Will do :). It is a shame - I came in contact with a great doctor in Somerset while on holiday in 1996. It happens so rarely, I remember it well lol. I'm very lucky that I have a good GP but there's only so much he can/will do. I live in hope that King's will be able to sort me out! x

  • Have you had any results yet? x

  • Hi J, just so looking forward to not having the continual hyper/hypo symptoms anymore one minute I would feel like I was on drugs and the next like I had concussion that's the easiest way to describe it lol. I have decided to go private and try get the other things sorted out cos have pretty much been incapacitated for the last 4 years so praying that will work out as well as this appointment did and maybe I will have my life back one day. Sorry if I am asking a daft question but brain really doesn't work well at moment are you not far from where I live or where I saw the Endo? :D

  • both! - in Shropshire too (that private Doc in Solihull?)- any news of the meet up? - hoping it could be this week as I'm 'on holiday' Jane :D

  • Hi Nit sure if I am right. However, if this means you would

    like details of Dr.B just send me a PM.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Jane, oh whereabouts? I live in Telford no endo that I saw was not in Solihull it was Leamington Spa. No I haven't heard a thing reagarding the Shropshire meet up maybe we should just meet up ourselves? Sheryl. :D

  • Hi So pleased that you have written I have recommended her to so many TUK members although she is a general Endo. I have lots of PM`s saying how pleased people are, but just now and again, members, who have not seen her write unpleasant posts ont his forum, even abusive..and when one just gives requested info. simply to help.


  • So glad you are getting the right tratment now, i am having a telephone consultation with the same endo today she is lovely and am hoping for a trial of armour, to see if i can get rid of these symptoms i have had for 13 years x

  • Hi Kimbo, how did it go? did you get the result you were hoping for? x

  • Well i sat there with all my blood results and she didnt ring, got in touch with the secretary this morning so she is going to find out for me :-(

  • Oh no sorry to hear that how disappointing :( . I have to say when I went to see her I wasn't even down on her list but this was down to her secretary who hadn't booked me in not the actual doctor but she squeezed me in! Hope you hear from her soon. x

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