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Private Endocrinologists

Hi All. After suffering for many years I am lucky to start a job where I have private healthcare. I have had a GP's appointment and as I am wanting to go private he is not undertaking any new tests and just asked the name of an endocrinologist that I want to be referred to. I have had tests previously from the GP and have always been at the low end of normal or borderline but have 95% of the symptoms listed on ThyroidUK, so want to find a sympathetic consultant! I live in the Windsor, Berkshire area, does anyone have any recommendations? Many Thanks in advance.

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Email for a list of member recommended endocrinologists.

Members who have feedback about endos in your area will respond via private messages. We don't discuss individual doctors on the forum so I shall be closing this thread to comments.

You should check with your healthcare provider whether they have an 'approved list' of endos you can consult before you book a consultation.

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