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I'm new here and i'm pretty sure there is probably a list of good private holisitic Endo consultants that I can go and see but I haven't found them yet...

I live in Norfolk but can travel to London easily.

I want someone who is going to listen to my symptoms and diagnose me as a person not as the text books say I should be. I have an under active thyroid, low ferritin, low folate and low B12 all of which my GP has dismissed as normal. I am seeing an NHS consultant in July but am prepared to draw a blank there so want to get lined up to go private as i've had enough of feeling rubbish alot of the time. I suspect i have some kind of adrenal crisis going on too (no energy from 3pm til about 7pm etc) so I want someone who will consider all aspects of my health and not just judge me based on my blood tests.

Any help would be gratefully received. I am a 38 year old mother of two boys and I think my thyroid problems have always been lurking but were kicked off by a traumatic late miscarriage about 7 years ago.

Thanks guys.

Recommendations via private messages please in line with posting guideline #25, thank you.

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Welcome to the forum, Lobellia.

Email for a list of endos an private GPs recommended by members.

Members will respond with recommendation via private email as doctors are not discussed on the forum without their consent. You'll receive an email alert and on-site notification showing a red bubble next to your username on the green HU bar. Click on the bubble and select Messages to read your messages.

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Could you send them to me too please?

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Suzie, Email for a list of endos an private GPs recommended by members.

Thyroid UK have a list of consultants if you contact them. Other helpful charities are: (can order B12 and self inject if GP unhelpful) and the Pernisious Anaemia Society too. Good luck :-)

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Thank you so much. The b12 charity is very interesting, I will def get in touch with them as my levels are v low.

B12 deficiency is often found alongside hypothyroidism. for more info. Another really well researched site for many health difficulties is: Some anti depressants contain substances that adversely effect thyroid health. Maybe try to cut out sugar and grains as much as possible and see if that makes a difference. Approx 70% of immune system is based in gut and there is a strong and proven gut/brain link affecting mental health and cognition - good luck :-)

I am also in East Anglia and fighting to get any support from the doctor with 'normal' results.

I've seen 7 different doctors and deteriorating over the last 12 months.

Could anyone private message me too with a private consultant?

Test results below in case anyone can shed any light on them for me!

TSH - was 3.23 then 3months later 3.47 (increasing) (0.25-5.0)

Free T4 - was 15.5 then 3 months later 16.7 (9.0-23)

FT3 - not clinically indicated (what does this mean? )

FSH- 6.2 Follicular phase

Rheumatoid factor - 14 (0.0-14.0)

Serum folate level - 8.2 (4.8-37.3)

Progesterone level - inadequate functioning corpus luteum <1

Erythrocyte sefimentation rate 5mm/h

Serum alkaline phosphate level - 45 (30-130)

Many thanks

Have a look at this website.Some US practitioners work with patients long distance. The functional approach to health is missing within the disease management establishment in most countries. That's the reason people are sick an will carry on being sick. I think we have to take control and responsibility for our own health. Educate yourself and be proactive.

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Thank you. I'll check it out.

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I have found another useful website

You could also try

Read Dr.Barry Peatfield's book "Your Thyroid and how to keep it Healthy", and then go to see him in Surrey - which is what I did.

He has written an article for the June edition of WDDTY which has a lot of info re Adrenals. It is almost impossible to treat thyroid without treating the adrenals.

I had Graves, then underactive and adrenal exhaustion; am now feeling very much better.


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Ohh Thank you for the info about Dr Barry Peatfield, I've just read his book for the third time to try to absorb it and send a copy to my GP!!!!


I already have the list of private doctors from Thyroid UK if anyone would like it. I haven't figured out how to private message here but I guess people can message me? Is that OK? I'm also happy to discuss the private doctor I saw in North London but again, not sure I can discuss that here but happy to discuss privately

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Your offer is kind but it is probably best for each person to ask for the list themselves. It is ever-changing so even if you got it recently, there could already be changes!

Contact details for Thyroid UK here:

To send a Private Message, click on the person's name or their icon. That will take you to their profile page. You should then see an orange Send Message button - click on that...

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Hi and thanks for your reply. I got the list very recently from Thyroid UK

and have seen a doctor from that list, but one who I also knew was recommended by a couple of people in another group I belong to. But I do know from my own research that one doctor on that list was fired about 10 days ago, though his name escapes me for the moment.

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Thanks for replying to me. Could you give me the docs name you saw and if he was holistic in his approach? If I'm going to pay £300 odd pounds I need to get this right!

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Yes please if you have the list of private doctors to send to me privately.

thank you x

Hi Janet

Sorry I shd know what WDDTY is - cd you remind me plse. Also could I ask in what way are you are feeling better - what have you changed etc. Glad you have seen some improvement.

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