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Uni-Pharma or Tiromel?

I used to take Tiromel but could not source it before new year from Greece so ordered Uni-Pharma T3. Has anyone experienced not receiving any effect from one brand of T3 to another? Tiromel worked fine for me but Uni-pharma does not appear to have any effect and I have also put on weight since being on it. Have not felt so well... Thank you for your input. I purchased in bulk as I had to pay £25 banking fee but I think I made a mistake and have now to try and purchase Tiromel from somewhere!

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I use Uni-pharma and it's fine for me. I've taken it for a number of years. It might be that you need a little more than the Tiromel. Sometimes, mind you, our body prefers a particular make as it may suit our body better, i.e. fillers/binders might affect us. I'd try a 1/4 more than you usually take to see if that works better for you,

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I buy uni pharma from Greece. I've done this for nearly a year now and I've been good on it. I feel great and lost weight about 6 weeks in. It's the only t3 I've been on so I don't know any difference. I avoid the banking fee by buying it through western union. The fee was about £8. I think different brands suit different people as it may depend on what other health conditions you may have and other meds.

On a t3 Facebook forum I've learnt it is becoming difficult to buy it in Crete in person. I was hoping to do that this year. Hopefully, it won't start being a problem online, but your post suggests it may be? That would scare me as it's saved my life.


I found that I didn't do so well on uni pharma. I changed because everyone raved about it and I wanted to have more options but I now have 3 boxes that are going un used because I had to hastily order some Tiromel. I much prefer it.


I still use Tiromel as I can pay with internet banking, whereas most unipharma sales seem to need WU or Moneygram, which is a hassle. I found that the old Tiromel (used to be a smaller packet and the colours were different) seemed to be stronger than the current one (I found an in date old packet and had to reduce dose), so I'm sure the same thing can happen between brands.


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