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Uni-Pharma Levothyroxine

Does anyone know of a good source of Uni-Pharma Levothyroxine?

Yes - I really do mean levothyroxine (T4), not liothyronine (T3). I obtained some 12 microgram Uni-Pharma tablets a while ago and am feeling that my curent dose of 112 micrograms from 100 microgram Actavis and 12 microgram Uni-Pharma is working well and I'd like to keep taking it.

Obviously, let me know of sources by PM only!

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12 X 7 = 94. Why not just take one extra 100 mcg T4 once per week? Or if you want to be particular, cut a 100 mcg T4 in half and take 1 half every 4 days? Don't waste money on 12 mcg tablets.


I was alternating 100 and 125. For whatever reason, I am finding my current combination is working better for me. Having found something that I feel happy on, I am absolutely not going to change it (for as long as I do well on it) if I can avoid doing so.

They are also, if sold at the price I paid for my current supply, very inexpensive.


Okay, Rod. Whatever works.


Er- 12x7=84 not 94


frightening. maths not my strong point yesterday.


No worries. x


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