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tiromel and uni pharma

Hi,has any one found that tiromel has caused them really bad acid reflux? I have tried taking it orally and sublingually (I always took cynomel sublingually and found that it seemed to work better for me this way) but both ways seem to cause bad reflux.I have just ordered some uni pharma t3, has anyone tried taking this sublingually

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated

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T4 and T3 are designed to be taken orally with water. The molecules in T4 and T3 are too large to be absorbed sublingually.


Sorry but that's not true. If the molecules were too large to be absorbed in the mouth they would never get into the body in any way! Ask any biochemist who knows anything about the human body if you don't believe me. I have taken T3 sublingually for well over 6 years and it works well for me. It absorbs rapidly into the blood stream and within about 10 minutes I'm getting warm and my brain is clearing. Taking T3 with water and allowing it to pass into the stomach means mixing it with stomach acid which dulls its action and may well aggravate things there.


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Where on earth are you getting this information?

The manufactures of the products, tell you how their medicine should be taken..orally, away from food and supplements etc..they should know. Any effects you get that immediately are truly psychosomatic, as t3 must reach the cellular level to get the organs and gland working correctly.


Am wondering where you get your trust in the manufacturers? Over the last ten years we in the UK have seen some improvements in the Patient Information Leaflets that accompany our thyroid hormone medicines. They are slightly better at informing about taking with water and at least a bit away from food, have a much more comprehensive list of medicines that interfere, etc. But they still do not acknowledge things like taking at bed-time and miss numerous effects of others substances.

I have seen someone take T4 or, later, T3, and have visible effects within five minutes. This happened on many occasions.

If anyone suggests it is unusual, well, I am not in a position to judge.

At the same time, I am not convinced that so-called sublingual approaches are equivalent to swallowing.


I agree with clutter and the link, she posted, say it all. I have no particular trust in manufacturers..but, they are all about profit, so why would they put incorrect dosing info on their packaging? It would simply lose them money.

I stand by my belief of psychosomatic, effects of the med, if they occur so soon after taking.


As I stand by my observations.


I am so sorry that i said anything at all, as i usually am on this forum. Just really don't feel like yet another debate.



It is true.



Sorry but I don't believe some trumpted up American web sites. My husband is a Bio-chemist who trained in matters of the human body, gaining a PhD in his subject and worked for many years in the Pharmaceuticals industry working for several Universities (becoming a Proffessor for a time) and a major Pharmaceutical company. He comment was that the cells in the stomach are the same size as those in the mouth so how can T3 be "too big" to be absorbed. Its just manufacturers being pressured by doctors as they are terrified of the spike cause by absorbing the drugs in the mouth. None of this is proven because it literaly cant be tested.

Yet again, I will quite clearly state that T3 can be absorbed very quickly by dissolving it in the mouth where it passes directly into the excellent blood supply and hence to where it needs to work in the tissues in a matter of minutes. This is very convenient when you are multi dosing and out and about for the day as there is no need for water.

As for the manufacturers info, I read it but I know from my husband's experience how much pressure is heaped on manufacturers to "do what the Medical system wants" and how much money plays in this matter. You have only got to look at whats happened to the price of T3 to see this in action, Its all about money at the end of the day.



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