Possible hypothyroidism problems?

Hi there, for the past month and a half I have been ridiculously drained of all energy and constantly in a state of dizziness. I also always feel in a state of malaise like I'm never really concentrating properly and forget things that I have just been told. As well as this I've been having nights where I properly struggle to sleep and have aches in my back all the time as well as weird aches in my hands. In the past couple of months I have put on 5 pounds which for a 9stone 21 year old boy who has always been skinny with an EXTREMELY fast motabilism is weird. I am gonna go to the doctors tomorrow but I almost feel what's the point? All I'm reading on this is people get a TSH test and the doctors always just completely ignore them and say they are fine and from then on no longer care about your symptoms. I have been vitamin b deficient in the past year which I think is down to me having coeliac. Again, I have never been diagnosed with coeliac but that's only because I took matters in to my own hands with that matter as during the time I went in to my doctors and told them about my in capability to eat any gluten products and what it was doing to me and how it was affecting my life and they told me I could very well have coeliac or a gluten sensitivity but to get tested for it I'd need to keep eating it, but on the NHS waiting lists I knew there was no way I was gonna keep eating it for any longer it was literally ruining my life I had never felt more horrible. But anyway I don't believe it can be a vitamin deficiency as I have been taking a vitamin C and Iron, Vitamin B, and a multivitamin supplement every morning. I hate going to the doctors because nobody likes listening to people complaining and although it is thee job, I had a horrible state of health anxiety last year where I kept pestering them about something that was never there so ever since I just don't want to go in for anything now even when I am getting very real symptoms because I'll just be passed off as being depressed. Which is something I absolutely am not, I have the best group of pals going, I go out every weekend and enjoy my job. I've got no choice to go to the doctors here because I just don't feel right but there probably won't be any hope is there?

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Oh btw, I'm now 9 pounds 5, my entire teenage life though I've been 9 pounds

Hi, Jambo. So sorry to hear that you are in a worrisome state. If you have no confidence that the doctor can help, I would suggest you have some private tests done. OK, so you may have to lay out a few quid, but what price peace of mind? At least you'd have something to back you up if anything untoward gets thrown up. This is a link to a fairly comprehensive check from Medichecks. It's £59 and easy to do. You'd at least have some answers. Good luck :-)


Hi there I'm not even overly worried I am just struggling to cope. I shouldn't have to 'cope' my way through life especially when I'm this drained. I've recently looked in to that medichecks thing. Is it reliable?

Very reliable. Many of us here use Medichecks. I used them two weeks ago - will be doing another test for Vit D this weekend. As far as I am aware, they use the same labs as the NHS and others, too.

Okay, what I shall do is I'll go to my GP tomorrow tell him about all my symptoms, get him to do a full blood check and if a TSH test doesn't show anything I'll ask him if he would be able to do a full thyroid check as I do know someone personally that had trouble getting diagnosed through the regular TSH test and wasn't until she final got the right thyroid tests she found out. If he refuses I'll tell him that I'm just gonna go get the bloods done privately then. Sound like a good plan?

It does indeed. Good luck! :-)

You really will not know until you get tests done

so go to your GP tell them that everything you have found on an NHS choices website points to you having hashimotos hypothyroid so would they please test

thyroid antibodies


free t4





Arrange the test for early morning fasting and only water to drink and lay off your vitamin supplements from now till then

Yeah what I was saying though, aren't NHS doctors reluctant to do any more tests than the usual TSH test?

If you don't try with your own GP you won't know.

The tests they miss out you can get done privately.

Yeah I will try first, and then failing them doing the right tests I'll just pay for the bloods as they aren't overly costly

Depends on the doctor

If you also mention that its been suggested you might have Central hypothyroid as result of head injury they may do more

I'm not going to go in and tell them from the off "oh hey I've done my research on the internet and I must have this" because they get people doing that all the time and more often the not the internet has misguided them. I will suggest a thyroid test first and then afterwards if he isn't concerned by the TSH test then I will suggest maybe doing a full TSH blood test. Doctors don't like being told what to do, and in a way you can understand them as they are the ones that have done close to 8 years medical training which is fair but my GP is a reasonable guy he's the favoured GP at my GPs office and he's my mums go to GP also so I'll see if he would do the test for me and if not then I'll ask him if he'd be alright with me doing it privately

And also, the TSH test might show up something. I mean theyust chose to do only that one to begin with for some reason, I mean why else would they do it?

You know what, I was thinking earlier that for the last year I have been constantly in a state of anxiety. Whether I like it or not I am always somewhat anxious in the back of my mind. Now if you look up the amount of anxious people that go to doctors and all their bloods are fine yet still believe there is something wrong with them because of their symptoms you will find an endless list. The truth is, all my symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, breathlessness, body aches could very well be up to some deficiency and I'll go in and get ask for my bloods to see if I do have something going on but if they all come back fine then I might need to start talking with someone about my anxiety. And I know that there's more than just the one thyroid test but there's no way I am asking my doctor to do more than the one test if they don't think it's necessary because that's how your doctors lose all faith in you. If for my own piece of mind I do want to get the other thyroid tests done then I'll get it done privately, but I think all my worrying that I'm doing definitely isn't helping anything and is only making things worse

Are you being treated for B12 deficiency Joma92?

Many of your symptoms, e.g, fatigue, anxiety, dizziness, lack of concentration, memory loss etc. could be the result of not absorbing vitamin B12 and would need to be diagnosed and treated without delay:


I have been vitamin B12 deficient in the past year but I don't know how it would make sense now as I take a vitamin B supplement once a day right now so not sure, would be surprised if that was the reason. Will go in tomorrow and talk with my doctor

If you have absorption issues, a B12 supplement would not be adequate Joma92.

BCSH Guidelines:


From Page 2 of the above :


Cobalamin deficiency

H.pylori, Giardia lamblia, fish tapeworm Pernicious anaemia

inflammation of small intestine due to coeliac disease, tropical sprue, Crohn disease

Low intake of cobalamin-rich food "


I have celiac disease I believe. I have been gluten free for the last year because when I was eating the stuff and literally I thought I was dying it was horrible. I was being sick, having explosive diorreah, itchy rashes on my skin, extreme nausea, extreme tiredness, because of all this... depression too! There were more symptoms but I can't remember now. Thank you for your insight. The fact that I've had a vitamin B deficieny before because of this could very well be a reason x

I'm so sorry you've been so poorly - good luck tomorrow. I hope you get a clear diagnosis and good treatment so you can start to feel much better x

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