Ache in neck stillšŸ˜£

Posted on here before about a swollen gland in my neck, went to see the ent, who said it was fine and that i wont die yet..

anyway, the right side of my neck still hurts, ive had a doctor feel it and i even got my boyfriend to check my neck for any lumps. They both werent concerned. Im so worried about thyroid cancer. It feels like theres something in my neck and i get the occasional sharp pain along with tiredness still and body aches.


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  • Change that Endo. Particular when he tries to raise your spirits by saying:-

    'said it was fine and that i wont die yet..'

    He should have arranged for a scan on your thyroid gland. Maybe your GP will do so for you as mine referred me for a scan on gland which I had yesterday.

  • Emilychazza98,

    There isn't usually any pain with thyroid cancer. If your doctors have checked your throat and neck and they haven't felt any lumps it is highly unlikely you have a thyroid nodule. If you had thyroid cancer it would be in a large thyroid nodule.

  • I keep thinking that maybe it is something hidden on the back of thyroid or inside rather than on the front of it.

  • Emilychazza98,

    If two doctors have examined you it is unlikely that neither would have detected a lump if it existed. An ultrasound scan would show the condition of your thyroid. It's possible your GP might agree to order one to reassure you. If not, you could pay for a private ultrasound scan.

  • Delicious21,

    I said it was unlikely 2 doctors would not detect a lump. Thyroid nodules <1cm are usually too small to palpate.

    Non-palpable thyroid nodules, typically < 1 cm in size, are usually non-malignant. It is uncertain whether ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration biopsy is appropriate in these individuals.1 Jul 2016

    Thyroid Nodules - Thyroid Disease ManagerThyroid Disease Manager

  • Delicious21,

    I don't understand your comment about guidelines.

    95% of thyroid nodules are benign.

  • Delicious21,

    No. Nodules <1cm are usually benign. Nodules >1cm which show suspicious characteristics and nodules >2cm are usually fine needle aspiration biopsied to check for malignancy.

    If you have other questions perhaps you would like to write a post of your own so that Emilychazza98 isn't disturbed with a stream of email and on-site notifications not relevant to her question.

  • Yes you need an ultrasound scan and blood tests for thyroid. I had severe pain in my neck front left on one point for few weeks. My thyroid was inflamed. I did not have a cancer or nodules.

  • Will get back to you soon.

  • delicious21,

    I am sure 21 is a delicious age. lol.

    My scan said -

    1. The thyroid gland demonstrates asymmetric enlargement with the majority of the gland demonstrating reduced low reflectivity change. This is accompanied by mild hypervascularity and the right lobe is enlarged as a consequence. there is no discreet thyroid nodule.

    2. There are multiple small central compartment (level 6a). There is no lateral cervical lymphadenopathy.

    Impression: The u/s findings are those of thyroiditis with central compartment reactive lymphadenopathy.

    delicious21, hope this helps you. Sorry for the delay.

    ps: My thyroiditis was viral in nature. Its also called subacute thyroiditis. I don't have antibodies. Hashimotos thyroiditis is more common type with positive antibodies.

    good luck.

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