I have pulsing in neck anyone please help ?

Hello everybody, I have last 10 days pulsing in my neck and some strange feeling like ants in my legs but ''pulsing in neck'' is someting what is really irritating, i was in hospital but doctor after checking with hand say this is muscle pulsing and nothing, my neck still pulsing anyone have suggestion what search i need to do for be sure i'm health and this is because my nervousness ?

Thank you!

Have a great day!

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Have you had a thyroid hormone test? If you have post results and ranges. If not get them from your GP as it is your right under the Data Protection Act.

i doing thyroid hormone test before 3 year and was good, you think after this pulsing in neck i need again do ?

Thank you!

It's always worth having more test, don't just let them take only your TSH though. Tell the GP you want a full Thyroid blood test. T4, T3, free T4, Free T3 and Thyroid anti bodies test. x

and after full thyroid blood test i can say for sure if i have problem with thyroid or not have ?

Thank you!

Hi zg_new,

Yes this is the only way to find out for sure. Ask the receptionist for a copy of your results when they come back from the lab. Put the results onto this forum. This is the advice I got from the helpful people on here. Have your blood tested as early as possible and don't eat any breakfast until after. The Doctors will tell you that you don't need to fast but it does make some difference to the results.

I keep copies of every test that I have now. It is a good way to see for yourself how your health is doing and for referring back to when needed. I was ignorant of all these things for too many years but this forum as been a life saver.

A lot of us have suffered because the Doctor has told us our TSH is within the normal range. This is not a true picture and we need all the other test done. Along with Vit D and B12, Folate and Ferritin. Take control of this situation with your Doctor and tell them politely that you want these test.

Keep in touch and post your results when you get them. Someone will help to interpret them on here.

Best Wishes x

Ok i will do blood test and thyroid test again,

bellow is photos old 2 year

blood test


and thyroid test


what you think ?

in this time when i do that tests i have similar symptoms like now only now is neck pusling little pronounced ...

Thank you!

I am English and don't understand these results. Maybe if you post them someone else will let you know... Thing is they are 2 years old anyway so not much use except for comparison with your new test.

need to tell exsist time when i not have that pulsing e.g. when i relax, when i wake up then i not have pulsing, pulsing start with working, thinking ... in monday i go to doctor

I hope you get on okay at the Doctors. Tell them you would like test for your Vitamin D and B12 Folate and Ferritin . I am sorry you are getting this throbbing. I have had throbbing that went on for a while but cleared up. This is why I got a scan for mine. Let us know how you get on. You sound like you are naturally getting anxious because you don't know the cause and this will make it seem worse. Once you know what's going on you will be able to tackle it. Best Wishes.x

The ants in your legs ? Sometimes when I lay on my left side, I get the sensation of crawly creatures around the top of my thigh and hip. I get it where my skin is in contact with the mattress. It is only on the one side when it happens. The first time I felt it I got out of bed because I thought a spider had crept in! I haven't a clue what it is but guess it is just nerve endings. I spray that area with Magnesium oil now (along with a lot of other areas on my bod!) and it does stop being so frequent. Not sure if that's same as you? x

I also had throbbing in my thyroid gland that went on for a few weeks, had scan and it came back with my gland had shrunk. I am Hashi's who had RAi twice many years ago because I was very high Hyper. This would explain it's shrinkage.

We all can get nervous and anxious at the best of times, but when we don't understand something or some new symptom comes along, it is little wander it heightens our worries. x

i read about thyroid, look like people who have problem with thyroid need use pills all life ? is possible i get treatment and after treatment not need pills or if i have problem with thyroid this is life time treatment ?

Thank you!

few people ever get off thyroid meds.....it is a daily medication

It is a life long medication. x

Do you take enough magnesium? Lack of magnesium certainly causes muscles to twitch, not sure about the pulsing.

And have you had shingles? I still get the feeling of crawling skin many years after.

magnesium hm not sure, i before using magnesium but not in last time, last 2-3months, you think can be this more then thyroid ?

Thank you!

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