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Hello. Got a few blood test results I'd like your opinion of, please. I had them done after getting a TSH level reading of 6.65 mu/L.

Serum folate 17.4 ug/L

Serum free T4 10 pmol/L

thyroid peroxidase Ab Conc 470.2 ku/L

Does this mean anything to anybody? The doctor has asked to see me. I have just started taking thyroxine, wanted to wait until after I'd had these tests. What's the verdict?


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  • Sorry, they don't mean anything at all without the ranges. :(

  • hi - Can you post your lab ranges ( they vary so widely ) and then the wise ones will advise - also what is your medication level ? how long been on it ?

  • Hmmmm don't know what the ranges are but here is a more comprehensive list of what the blood test readouts say:

    serum tsh level 6.65 mu/L (0.35-3.50)

    serum free t4 level 10 pmol/L (8-21)

    serum folate (insignificant abnormality

    serum vitamin b12 353 ng/l (130-1100)

    serum folate 17.4 ug/l (2.7-15.0)

    'b12 interpretation

    less than 100ng/l low b12 may be due to cuases other than b12 deficiency Great than 130 ng/L Normal'

    Se thyroid peroxidase Ab conc 470.2 ku/L (0.0-34.0)

    All of the above is verbatim, it means nothing to me. I started taking thyroxine after i had these blood tests as I wasn't convinced I needed it and also wanted a test before and after. So these don't reflect the medication which is:

    levothyroxine sodium 25mg one a day.

    I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow. Symptoms are extremely fatigued, miserable in a mad kind of way and odd sensation in throat. Can't shift bit of holiday weight but I do exercise and walk a lot. I am not, however particularly overweight. i am also perimenopausal.

    Any advice, questions I should ask etc, gratefully received. Ta very much

  • hi Copy and paste that response to me as a NEW post - or you wont benefit from the VERY wise ones opinions - Your Thyroid is definitely in trouble - High TSH ( most feel well when its under 1 ) and your free T4 is very low in range to ... a shame tour T3 wasn't tested as that the only USEFUL hormone to the whole body - No wonder you don't feel well - your Vitamin results are also not optimum .

    I have to dash to work - sorry !!! Re post these results as a NEW post - you did include lab ranges - they are in the brackets !

    will look at posts and update more later

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