Hyperthyroid Recently Diagnosed

Hyperthyroid Recently Diagnosed

Hi , first time joining any group. This condition is new to me. Do anyone find they are tired, weak and insomnia. Taking thyroid meds and just put on beta blocker. Symptoms of racing heart and sweats. How long do it take to feel better? Also low sodium showed on blood work. Guess due to thyroid issues. Thank you and any information is appreciated .

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Symptoms will improve gradually. Everyone is different. Start reading about the condition, educate yourself, so you can keep up with dr . All the best!

Best thing to do, from now on, is to ask for copies of your thyroid blood tests. This way you know at what level you feel well.

Have you had antibodies tested? Also Vit B12, Vit D, Folate and Ferritin may be low, ask your GP if you can be tested.

Hi and thank you for your replies. I have been researching last few weeks. Just trying to figure out some of the medical jargon. I was just put on beta blocker and thyroid medication to stop it from releasing to much hormone . Only two I weeks, more concerned also how my thyroid went out so bad. It does run on my family. So hoping nothing more serious . Check back later and thank you edna123 and silvery -fairy for your kindness of replying. Not used to joining a group , but we all need a little support through out journey in this life. Thank you bluerosie check back soon.

Are you on Carbimazole?

Yes I am on anti thyroid med and beta blocker for symptons. Doing a little better today . I see the specialist in few weeks. I have insomina bad most nights. Hoping it all settles in awhile.

Think I replied in wrong place . Sorry get this right after awhile. Hugs and thanks .

I've just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and graves too. I've got all your symptoms and am hoping to feel better soon. Been on meds for 3 weeks now and feeling worse right now. Are you under the care of an endocrinologist? Have they told you why your hyperthyroid? Knowing why will enable you to do more thorough research into your condition which helps.

I am under care of my GP but see specialist soon. Two weeks on anti thyroid meds . My GP put me on beta blocker got symptons of racing pulse and heart. Also very dry skin that cause itching. I do not have high blood pressure , why she waited . I am on low dose 25 mg twice a day . It truly is helping with the severe symptons. Hope this helps and I keep researching,to find out best course of action to take with my thyroid. So many options and waiting to see what is best for my issues.

Sorry so long in posting back. I see the specialist in a week. Took beta blocker and my symptons settled down a lot . Only my insomina was worst . Done my research found out, beta blockers medication can cause insomina. It actually depletes your natural melaontoni . So you can supplement this at bedtime. So I am slowly feeling better. Takes awhile for supplement melaontoni to take effect. Not sure why I am hyperthyroid but genetic it is in my family. Hope this bit information helps . Those who take beta blockers for symptons of over active thyroid .

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