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i've been diag with autoimmune hyperthyroidism and i'm pretty confused - where do i start with all this info???

yep - some IS down to the thyroid as i'm a usually intelligent and intelligible person, but the other symptoms? its horrible :-(

eyes are sore, swollen hands and feet, painful joints, constipation, premenstrual syndrome and hair loss - nearly forgot(!) - memory loss too.

Can anyone point me towards something easy to start? and anything i could be doing to ease this myself?

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Hi, how have you been diagnosed as hyper? The symptoms you list are of Hypo. Do you have blood test results (with the reference ranges) and do you have results of any antibody tests? if so, post them here and someone will be able to help.....



no - i'm hyper, not hypo - t3/4 both up, tsh down. there is also arthritis. ?lupus - family history of autoimmune disorders.the other suggestion was porphyria...

oh now i'm even more confused!

<b>Updated on Dec 3 2010 8:06AM:</b> i will get my results tho and post them here if that will help someone make sense of this - I've had these symptoms for about ten years, i'm at my wits' end with it all - i've been told i'm depressed (i'm not), have some sort of personality disorder (i don't) I've been tested for this but it's always come back normal and i have days where i can do nothing at all - not helpful when i have three kids with disabilities :-(


So Have they done anti body tests?

Do you have Graves, or Hashimotos? One makes you fast, one slow and it is possible to have both together. (NOooooooo please... not both together)

normal is not good enough!!



sorry, this post should have said, when you get results, always get the numbers, normal is not good enough, that is just someones opinion.



Hi I have graves for the second time and do/did have some of your symptome, e.g swollen ankles ,some hair loss ,memory loss etc . bad circulation etc so these are hyper symptoms -i guess we are all diferent and similiar.

I try to exercise, outside as well as in.,relaxation tapes etc ,i know take vits and try to slow down extra a s i get very speedy.

good luck i hope to avoid the rad treatment ....



I have Auto-Immune Hypothyroidism and I am 17- been on Levothyroxine for over 1 year now and it does take about that long for your body to settle to medication- I was referred to an Auto-Immune specialist who helped me greatly and I have an amazing GP who explained everything about my Antibodies etc.



So are you restored to full health now?


I do have iron deficiency and a few vitamin deficiencies but my Thyroid is completely fine and everything else is fine.


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