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Urinary retention

I have a UTI at the moment, but prior to being diagnosed hypo I had noticed that my urine stream had weakened a little. It seems to have weakened more since going on levo and I don't pee as much (maybe the apparent retention is the cause of the UTI - I don't usually suffer). My question is - did anyone notice urinary retention occurring/getting worse on levo, and did it resolve itself once hormone levels sorted.

Is it the levo that is making the retention worse - or is hypothyroidism the cause?

I don't have my full blood tests but was told TSH 7 with normal T4 immediately prior to receiving meds. Will be getting further tests in a few weeks ...

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I am suffering with this retention thing (last four weeks or so) and the flow stops suddenly even though I feel I still need to go! I don't think I have a UTI but am not too sure what the symtpoms are. I will being watching your post with interest.

Hope you get better soon :-)

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May I please follow you because I also have weakened urine stream and would be interested in knowing more. I don't take Levo but used to so can't rule it out as your cause.


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