Water Retention?

Morning all

I've been on the new t3 (mercury pharma) since tuesday of last week. They are only 20mcg per tablet so I've been taking 2 a day (40mcg, was on 37.5mcg before). Been feeling good considering a hectic week travelling to Wales, South West and Scotland in 6 days!

I've always drank a lot of water. I don't drink tea/coffee (caffeine makes me a little jittery) and rarely have juice/soft drinks (unless it's in a very alcoholic cocktail). Anyhow usually in cooler months my in take is about 4 litres, 5 max. Yesterday I drank about 6.5-7 litres. It's not the most unusual thing but what my colleagues highlighted is if they drank that much they would be off to the loo all day. I don't have that problem.

Is this a water retention thing? Is there anything I should take?

Thanks all x

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  • Pennyrose, that's excessive water consumption and could be flushing your system of nutrients. 2-3 litres daily is generally recommended.

    Excessive thirst and consumption may be a sign of diabetes so I would recommend you have this checked out.

    Water retention usually shows as bloating.

  • Thanks Clutter

    I'm quite bloated and ankles are a bit fat! Spoke to the GP about it a couple of years ago and diabetes test was ok (they tested last year too and all was fine). Might bring it up again!

  • There are other reasons why you shouldn't drink that much fluid. I got told off by a hospital consultant for drinking only four litres. I can't remember the explanation but it can actually cause serious problems with your kidneys and hormones.

  • Thanks lovely. I just get a very dry mouth and throat and my pee gets really dark if I don't have at least 4litres a day!

  • If your pee is colourless, it means you've peed out all your trace minerals and nutrients.

    Dry mouth can be a symptom of low thyroid. Un/Under-treated hypos can get very thirsty. Do you have any blood tests to share with us? How are your sodium and potassium levels?

  • Ah. That's not good. The thirst can get bad and I have a cold this week that isn't helping.

    My last bloods were 2 months ago but I imagine they are much better now.

    TSH: 3 (0.5-4.5).

    T4: 9 (9-23)

    T3: 4 (3.8-6.9)

    Feeling much better. Haven't ever had sodium and/or potassium checked. I remember when I first got ill I was craving salt and sometimes I do have bouts of that.

    In the process of trying to find a better GP in york so when I move will discuss all with them. Thank you Goose x

  • You should definately ask for sodium/potassium tests. The balance has to be just right between those two.

    Well, your last labs weren't good, were they? FT4 and FT3 are very, very low. I don't know how you managed to get out of bed in the morning with labs like that! Certainly could explain your thirst.

    Salt cravings are a symptoms of low adrenals. A cortisol test would be in order.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Your water consumption appears to be massively too high.

    I suggest that you have a read of this story to understand how serious the issue can be:


    If you need help, I'd hope your GP would be able to do so.


  • Hi Rod

    That's quite a horrific tale! And she was only on 6 pints (about 3.4 litres). From as long as I remember I've always drank a lot but intake definitely increased in when I was 19 (about 11 years ago) and in my 2nd year of uni. I'd have pints of water in the union bar while the guys were on beer. I guess it's just become normal.

    It only dawned on me the other day that considering how much liquid I drink, I don't need the loo that often! TMI?

    Thanks Rod x

  • Poor woman was probably mildly hypo. I would never trust anyone that said they were any sort of 'nutritionist'! Been there, done that...

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