Urinary tract infection and Bactrim

Hi there,

I will just start by saying that this site is like no other and its been an incredible good help in dealing with my hypothyroidism!

I have a couple of question I hope someone could help me with!

I have had hypothyroidism about a year and in the last 2-3 month struggled with a returning urinary tract infection. I have had UTI before but the symptoms that I experienced when this started was the worst I ever had. The sharp stinging in the uretra was overwelming and I had large exposed blood clots in my urin. It was truly frightening. I was first prescribed Amoxillin 500mgx3 per day for 7 days and the symptoms went a way for about 2 weeks until the symptoms came back. I was then prescribed Selexid 200mg x2 7 days, without any effects. Then Selexid 400mg 14 days with the same result. Now I have started on Bactrim 480mg x2 for 3 days. Im on my second day with bactrim and my hypo are beginning to acting up with small muscle cramps, anxiety, emotinal, brain fogg and low energy. I've read the side effects on Bactrim but there is nothing about it affecting the thyroid or any interaction with levaxin. The UTI symptoms are almost gone, only a slight stinging in my uretra so I'm afraid the UTI is not yet gonne. I'm of course taking all the measures in preventing UTI with drinking lots of water, cranberry capsules, not getting cold etc.

Has anyone else with hypo had trouble with UTI? If so, what helped you overcome it?

And has anyone experienced a reaction to Bactrim?

Best regards Annette

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  • Anni,

    Welcome to our forum and sorry to hear you feel so unwell.

    Low thyroid hormone can encourage gastrointestinal and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) affecting renal physiology and development.

    Hypothyroidism can also encourage a reduced glomerular filtration rate (GFR) & so reduced clearance of creatinine (a byproduct of muscle metabolism excreted by the kidneys). Elevated creatinine levels indicate kidney dysfunction (which is usually reversed with optimal thyroid hormone)..

    A small amount of T4-T3 conversion happens in the kidneys and this becomes less active when there is inadequate excretory of the kidneys (uraemia) and probably caused by low thyroid hormones so becoming a vicious circle . Urea is one of the primary components of urine.

    The bladder is a sensitive organ & before being medicated I was in a dreadful state (as many of us are) & had frequent blood in my urine, pelvic pain & high creatinine levels.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine considers the bladder big time looking at the yin & yang imbalances between muscles, tissues and organs and treating with acupuncture and herbal formulas. As an energy system the bladder is intimately related to the functions and balance of the autonomous nervous system because the energy meridian runs along the back of the body from head to heel.

    Massage will stimulate the flow of energy (Qi) allowing the restorative parasympathetic nervous system to recover. ( I love massage.., lol ) ... but of course you need optimal thyroid hormone for all this to work ! ... .

    If you post recent thyroid hormone test results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) members will comment.


    Thyroid dysfunction and the bladder



    Interaction between thyroid disease and the kidneys.


  • Thank you so much! I'll look up the links you gave me:)

    Its sad how little we learn about this disease! Im a newly educated nurse and over the three years of the study we never got a lecture about hyper/hypothyroidism, and the recommended litteratur covered about 1/4 of a A4 page. In any of the educational litteratur... It is tragic to say the last!

    Thank you again radd!

  • If uti is usually caused by e.coli bacteria then eliminating overgrowth of e.coli could be helpful ? Can't remember which probiotic is beneficial but I bet Google helps. Just any probiotic might not be potent enough, so finding specific strain might be better.

  • Yes it started with e.coli, but after the first treatment the culturing done after didnt show any spesific type of bacteria. One doctor told me it could bee an local inflammatory response in the urinary tract that possibly wouldnt show on labratory result. He only talked about medication to prevent symptoms, not treating the primary cause:/ But I'll definitely check out probiotic!

    Thanks so much Justiina!

  • I just figured that if it is gut bacteria that causes most of the infections then probiotic supplements could help.

    As all antibiotics you have taken might work for the original problem but wiping off the good bacteria as well, leaving room for bad bacteria to grow so it might be never ending circle.

    I don't know if probiotics vaginally would work but why not if the bad bacteria is possibly entering that way. Always wipe from front to back:P

    I am using probiotic creme to treat bacterial vaginosis or whatever it was called and to me it did the trick, retest was clear. Important is to choose product with more that one strain of probiotic. Next I will order tampons with probiotics just to stay on the safe side as it is my periods triggering overgrowth of bad bacteria.

    Just my random thought that maybe combo of probiotics could help in your case too.

    Anyways not causing any harm either!

    I hope you find working solution. I have had UTI at age 6 and was the worst experience ever.

  • Really helpfull, thank you! ^^ Ive now ordered probiotic with 9 different strain and something called D-mannos that has been recommended in a nother tread about UTI.

    And the probiotic creme is something I'll check out! The symptoms from the UTI feels pretty centered in the uretra so its a good idea!

    Really appreciate your help! Thank you so much😁

  • Hi Annonymous21.

    Yes, they did a culturing when I experienced blood in my urin. It showed e.coi, but the last culturing didnt show any type of bacteria so I guess they have just given me the standard treatment with Selexid until now when I got the Bactrim. My GP also talked about considering an more invasive examination of my bladder. Really hope Im not going to need that!

    Yes, I saw a post about D-mannos and will try this. I also read that cranberry juice is not an good way to treat or prevent UTI. But I will definitely try the D-mannos!

    Thank you so much for youre help!😊

  • So sorry to hear about your problems, Anni. In answer to your question, yes. I have been suffering from hypothyroidism for years but have been having severe problems with recurring UTIs since September 2014. I am quite desperate as, despite visits to expensive specialists and even an operation to stretch the urethra; a colonoscopy; a course of vagifem, etc, etc, nothing has helped. None of the medical experts can find the cause. Every time the infection returns I am given more antibiotics. At one point, after the initial knock-the-infection-on-the-head dose, I was on a one-a-day antibiotic for six months. The trouble is that once any course of antibiotics finishes, the infection returns. I have been taking probiotics with the antibiotics. I have just finished yet another course of antibiotics and am already feeling depressed about the inevitable return of the UTI.

    I'm sorry I can't help but I will follow this thread with interest.

    I read the link to the article listed above - Bladder involvement in thyroid dysfunction - but unfortunately, while seeming to confirm the connection, it is inconclusive.

  • Hi Steve_G,

    So sorry to hear about your problems to! My GP suggested maby looking into the same examination you have been through, but I hope it wont go that far! But its horrible to stay on antibiotics for so long also!

    I ordered D-mannos on iherb after reading another thread on UTI, and a probiotic with 9 different strains. Its not that expensive either. Maby that could be something for you to?☺

    Yes, I feel exactly the same way! But hearing about youre struggle I cant complain!

    Really hope you get some good advice to deal with youre UTI and appreciate youre respons!😊

  • Thanks for the sympathy. I do hope yours gets better too. If you ever manage to get to the bottom of it, please let me know. I'll do the same, of course.

  • Thank you!

    Yes, that sounds great, I will😊

  • Great advice - and I'll definitely give it a try. Cutting out spicy foods will be problematic for me - I'm a chili-head of note and eat them in some form or another every day! I'm also planning to try d-mannose, mentioned by a couple of other people in this thread. Grateful to Anni85 for starting it and for everyone who answered.

  • Have you tried D Mannose? It only works for UTI's caused by E Coli.

  • No, but I just ordered it on iherb☺ Saw there where some good rewievs of the effect on UTI.


  • Hope it helps

  • I had recurrent urine infections, had tests which didn't show anything. There is only one antiboitic that works for me but its taken ages to realise this. I had eight lots of medication in eight months because it was still showing infection. Since they gave me the right tablets (macrobid) 2 a day I haven'y had any more infections. I was fed up and constantly felt ill, but now I am more positive about it. I was given Amoxicillin but it never worked for me, only initially. My doctor has given me a letter to take with me when I go on holiday or bank holidays so that I will get the right treatment. Speak to your doctor or urologist about this and see if they can get to the bottom of it. As for the thyroid I am not sure what effect all the medication has on it, as I take my Levo at about 3am so it was never at the same time as my antibiotics. Good luck

  • Hi wednesday,

    Its the same thing with me, the antibiotics seems to only treat the acute symptoms, not the primary cause. My GP seemed reluctant on trying any other antibiotic than Selexid, which seems odd. I got the Bactrim of an intern since my GP's on holiday. So hopefully this finally clears the UTI.

    I have'nt thought about asking my GP for an refferal to an urologist yet, but that would probably be an good idea!

    Thank you for good advices!😊

  • Yes considering the numerous infections you have suffered it might be worth seeing the urologist. I found him very good, and he told my gp what treatment I needed to have, and insisted that my urine was sent to the hospital to be analysed each time and afterwards to check it had cleared up. Seems to work for me as I haven't had one since February which is a record for me. Worth having a word with your gp

  • Did they not offer you trimethorpim for your UTI? Usually it's the first line treatment (3 day course). Unless ofcourse your unable to have it for whatever reason. Just try to ensure all your vitamins and minerals levels/consumption are as best as they can be. Folic acid in particular for UTI's. There are some probiotics pills you can buy (I will have to report back with the name) but they have raving reviews when used for UTI's and yeast infections. Or you could try probiotics yoghurts (lactobacillus strains). I hope you manage to clear the infection soon

  • Hi ChristinaT,

    No, not this time, but I have been prescribed Trimethorpim earlier with good effects, if I remember right. Could be worth a shoot with that one again! Trimethorpim is somewhat gentler than the Bactrim in a hypo-perspective I think. Ill be sure to buy some Folic acid. Im up for a TSH check after adjusting my levaxin dose next week so will definitely get my GP to do a bigger bloodpanel this time.

    Yes, that would be so great if you could get the name of that probiotic! I've bought some to try on iherb that has good reviews, called Wakunagabut that has 9 different strains, but it never hurts to have a couple of choises just in case!

    Thank you so much for great help! 😊

  • I think they're called femdophilus. Have a look on Amazon and I think they have a lot/the most ratings.

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