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Urinary frequency on Levothyroxin

I've just been diagnosed as hypo and started taking Levo 25mg daily. Within 2 days got sensations of needing to pee really frequently - my bladder is telling me to go to the loo within 15-20 mins of peeing though I only produce a small amount. (I don't believe I have a UTI - though will get it checked.)

Is this a problem anyone else has/had? If so is it something that will pass as body gets used to the meds?

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When undertreated or I suppose before we get treated we tend to be carrying excess fluid so may. E you are now getting rid of some though you must still keep yourself hydrated. Things will setttle down when you get used to the meds as well.


Sorry to hear you have this problem. I found since being diagnosed I have the opposite - water retention.

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Levo is disgusting stuff, it made me fat, sore eyes, short of breath, peripheral neuropathy, brain fog, chest pain, nervous bladder, it goes on an on. Look up side effects on google. I can't believe it is approved for sale



I am very ill due to levo and I have all symptoms you mentioned but there is no other alternative for me as I have no thyroid gland. I also tried NDT but side effect(fever and dehydrated, diarrhea, heart beat). When I quit levo my symptom was gone but I was hypothyroid so I had to resume it. I also can't believe levo is approved for sale. Doctors even do not let me know the side effects and say it is safe. I can't even sleep and dying for it. Also blood pressure medicine makes me dehydrated causing asthma.

My mother is very ill too on levo (thyroid cancer) but she thinks it is because she is old but I know it is levo.

Levo ruined my body to the extent that I am too sensitive to any chemical and weak kidney function I can't take medicine to treat my symptoms. I also saw a old lady passed away after suffering from side effects and go to ER often.


NDT is 90% better then Levo. But you can't just do a straight conversion from Levo to NDT using published formulas. Must start really really low - like 15mg per day and work up in 15mg increments each week or 2. If you jump into 60mg straight up you will be a wreck. I like you, crashed and burned on NDT at first and then found I could tolerate small quantities hourly. I would dilute 30mg in 500ml of water and sip it through the day at work. In this way I slowly increased until now I'm on 210mg or 3.5 grains per day. I also take and extra 30mg on really cold days. I take 60mg @ 6am. 60mg @ 11am. 30 @5pm and 60 @11pm.

B12 injection and Testosterone is critical too. I was stuck at 60mg until I started Testosterone . B12 gave me my brain back, I'd suffered brain fog for years



Thank you for advise. I started from 15mg...but..after 30mg...I had side effects. I also took 30mg with levo today but very dehydrated.

I took B12 and my blood test showed too much B12 so my doctor asked me reduce B12. Does testosterone work? Maybe I have estrogen problem...but.. I have pain on right belly and kidney part now after I took NDT and thyro gold later. I suffered from too much fever and dehydration causing asthma...especially my throat and face. My throat was like on fire and dehydrated so increased heart beat as well.

I know NDT is better but maybe I can't tolerate high T3 rate (4:1) or (allergic to filler) while human is 10:1. When I took T3 it also caused fever and dehydration with heart beats. But T3 is strong I guess.

Can you tell me what NDT are you taking?

My body condition is not so good to take any medicine I guess.

But I will try it. How did your doctor prescribe Testosterone? how can I ask my doctor to prescribe it for me? But I heard that other hormone medication is also have a lot of side effect. Just test for my estrogen ?


Hi Winjy

I still get dehydrated it just seems to be part of NDT/Levo. I would drink, particularly while undertaking physical activity (sailing) twice as much water as my peers.

NDT/Levo - well you have to take something, choose NDT or Levo, which gives you the best life ?

If you choose NDT start low and break it up into small small quantities taken regularly through the day. I diluted in water and sipped in a drink bottle. Fixes the dehydration too ;-)

Do not Mix NDT and Levo you will get all sorts of weirdnesses.

I use Australia Compounded Pharmacy NDT on a script, but I have also tried WP Thyroid for a few weeks, bought online. I didn't think there was a whole lot of difference.

Your body/endocrine system will be in complete melt down if you have been unable to take sufficent thyroid supplement . You have to get something into you or you will get worse. Yes I hated being in that position too. I take this drug it makes me feel like shit but if I don't I'll die. Real rock and place stuff. Like I say start slow and just take enough each hour so you are borderline ok on how you feel. Slowly slowly you will be able to increase.

Testosterone, firstly I'm a man but woman also need it too, GP needs to order blood testing in Australia - not sure about where you are. I would order Testosterone, oestrogen, progesterone tests for a woman. With your results do not accept "you are within range" (keep copies of ALL of your blood tests) You need to be 50% or above for your age range. I apply 1ml of Androforte5 cream per day.

B12 - You absorb B12 into you muscle/fat and you body calls it back as needed. I think the range is 170-900, but you can safely go to 1300. I get a B12 booster injection every 3 months and take no other supplements or side effects that I can tell. It could be just placebo but I felt it gave me clarity of mind and cleared out the brain fog Hypothyroidism brings.

I forgot to say earlier. You must be 100% gluten free and I advise sugar free. I cook all my own food and always try and go back to first principles with food. You should only eat things you can recognise. Example a Potato - yes I can see it, touch it and cook it some how. Potato chip - sorry even though it may say gluten free, there is so much other crap involved in making it you just don't know what you are eating. I often roast slices of potato, pumpkin with a drizzle of olive oil and salt as a replacement for snack or junk food. Only eat what you cooked.

The diet this is a whole book in its self. Some other time.



I found testosterone neutralizes estrogen..

How much testosterone are you taking to detox 3.5 grain?

I will ask doctors to give me testosterone but I don't know if they will do. In the meantime I should detox or release it as I have fever on neck and my liver is still in problem..

How long have you been taking testosterone? I was advised that testosterone can prevent caner for women.

Thank you.

The thing is I have to find a doctor to give me the hormone.

If it works, you saved my life..

Do I have to ask endo for prescription? My oriental doctor told me my liver condition is not good and has fever so do not take meat often just once a month.

I appreciate your help.


Did you have any blood pressure problem on NDT?

I guess maybe due to estrogen dominance (I did not use testosterone nor progesterone) or for some other reason on NDT my blood pressure was increased to 147/80 which I can't handle it now. My blood pressure was 105/75 before my surgery but 120-130 on levo high.

I heard that some women also take blood thinning medicine on NDT.

If I take Testosterone and progesterone, is the blood pressure not increased?



NDT and Levo both seemed to increase my BP by about 10 points. 147/80 won't kill you. I had a friend who was low 200's and some how lived to tell the tale. I would keep away from statons and blockers etc. I try and take as little as possible drug wise. Take your NDT/B12/Magnesium, eat well and do plenty of exercise and get lots of sleep. (I know the sleep thing hahaha. Testosterone helps)



They sound like too much levo.


High doses of T3 /NDT can definitely cause estrogen dominance . It is not wise to over dose it can cause more harm than good . It can cause one to be very angry , tense , critical. Not pleasant person to be around .


This sounds interesting, do you by any changes have a source for this information? Would love to read up on this. Thanks!


I have had my own experiences .Once I lowered my NDT the symptoms disappeared too . I chart symptoms with new changes and when I run labs it confirms my symptoms .




Excessive urination is only one of the many symptoms one may have when experiencing adrenal fatigue/exhaustion. Not sure if that is applicable since you aren't urinating very much at a time. That is a pretty common occurrence when one does have a UTI tho. I don't think your urination frequency is due to the thyroid medication. But never say never, right? Maybe google that and see what pops up after you have eliminated a UTI from the scenario?


I had the frequency of needing to pee often and not producing much for many years before diagnosis. I even had to go through the humiliation of a catheter being put in and tests done but no problem was found, I was probably about 27 years old at the time.

Now on Thyroxine and don't seem to have that problem anymore but do wonder if it was all related to my Hashimoto's which I think was brewing under the surface for some time.


I think you have a uti.


It's very possible to have UTI when one is low dosed with thyroid meds .Please do not rule it out . Raising thyroid meds slowly charting symptoms and running labs to see which thyroid meds needs an increase . Waiting six weeks for T4 is important since it's a slower and takes longer for T4 to build up in our system .Charting like dry skin and heel , temperature , constipation , pulse etc. is very important it tells us if we are hypo/hyper .

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