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Hypothyroid Water Retention

Hey everyone.

I've just joined the board and this is my first post.

I've been diagnosed with hypo for around a year now. My hypothyroidism was actually stumbled across by accident really when I'd been and complained about sleep apnoea symptoms.

Anyway at my last TFT I was told I wouldn't be contacted if I was in range with my meds, after no contact I assume I'm on the right dose.

I actually do feel okay but I'm still having trouble losing weight and I believe I have a massive problem with water retention.

I can binge on fluid for a few days without really dieting and lose anything up to 7 lb in water but as soon as I return to a more sensible fluid intake the water weight comes straight back on.

Does anyone else have this same problem?

Are there any ways to tackle the water retention with a more sensible way than drinking excessive amounts of water?

I did think maybe I'm still having this problem because TSH may be in range but T3 is still low?

After lurking on thyroid forums I see this is a problem that many suffer but endo's and GP's are reluctant to test T3 levels so any advice on getting my endo or GP to test my T3 levels would be a appreciated, should I go private?

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get copies of all your blood tests and then we can help you further


Hey, thanks for replying.

How to I get copies of my blood tests, do I just ask the receptionists at my doctors or will I need to see my GP?

Also would it just be copies of my TFT's or all blood tests since hypo diagnosis?

I imagine there will probably be a charge for this too? It's not a problem as you can't put a price on getting sorted, I'm just wondering what it's likely to cost.


much depends on your surgery

Some charge some don't

Sometimes reception will give them to you sometimes you need to see GP

In the future its absolutely vital to always get the figures to keep in a file then you can spot any fluctuations

be sure to never take Levothyroxine in the 24hrs before a test and aways have it done early AM and fasting

TFTs + ferritin,folate,b12,vit d3 are the important ones


Okay thanks again.

I will speak to the doctors as soon as I can and see what I can get or if I need to see my GP I will make an appointment.

I read about about not taking my morning dose on the morning of a test just before my last test and followed the advice.

I always take my levo first thing in the morning fasted and I have always gone for TFT's first thing and fasted also.


Donnyjam, ask your receptionist for a print out of your recent thyroid results with the lab ref ranges. Ask to speak to the practice manager if receptionist can't help. The practice is entitle to charge £1/£2 to cover the cost of printer ink and paper.

If you want all of your results you can 'buy' your entire GP manual and electronic summary records for £50.


Thanks for this info.

I will be ringing them tomorrow if I can find the time before I go to work.


Well this is ridiculous.

I've just been and collected copies of my blood tests and letters from my endo and there is a letter dated 6/7/15 saying my dose should be increased by 25mcg as my TSH is still up at 8.71 yet I've had no contact from my endo or doctors...

So no wonder things still aren't right!

The receptionist is making me a new script out for the morning. but I imagine this will have an impact on my next blood test which will be around the 31/8/15?


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