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Todays bloods - Nothings changing

Hi All,

So I got my bloods done toay and here are the results. Nothings changing. I knew it wasnt. I am currently on 175 of Levo. I see my Endo a week today. I feel like I am going round in circles getting no where fast. I am so tired. I am not well. This is blowing my mind.

TSH 0.254 (0.400-3.100) - last bloods 8 weeks ago I was 0.261

T4 Libre 14.4 (9.0-19.0) - last bloods 8 weeks ago I was 14.4

T3 Libre 3.7 (2.6-5.7) - last bloods 8 weeks ago I was - 3.9

Fer 9.7 (7.2-25.9) - last bloods 8 weeks ago I was - 18.4

Ferritine 139 (20-204) - last bloods 8 weeks ago I was - 105

B12 981 - last bloods 8 weeks ago I was - 957

Whats going wrong? Why is nothing changing at all - or getting worse - My iron has dropped right down. I feel like running into a brick wall as thats what I feel like is happening - Whats happening to me??

Any help as always so gratefully recieved.......Im tagging a few - hope thats OK.x

greygoose humanbean Clutter

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What dose were you taking 8 weeks ago? Do you take your levo correctly? It looks like you need an increase in dose. It's not surprising you don't feel well, with that low FT3.


Hi. I was on 150 8 weeks ago. In fact my results have been the same for the last 3 dosage increases.....


And yes sorry....I take my Levo about 6/7am with half a pint of water. I then don't eat or drink anything untill at least 8am


Sorry greygoose ive just looked at all my last bloods...for the last 10 months. Every 8 weeks I've had a 25mg increase of Levo. My bloods have basically not changed at all in that time. My TSH has gone down from September last year but that's it. T3 and T4 are staying the same.

Why is nothing changing? That's a jump up from 75 Levo to 175 Levo and no change.....


And, in that time, you haven't started any other medication, something for acid reflux, for example? It might be an absorption problem. Check out your stomach acid :


Your iron has been dumped into storage. Raising ferritin could be a sign of infection/inflammation. Body will dump the iron into storage in order to protect you from harmful bacteria that consumes iron.

Maybe on top of being not optimally medicated you have been fighting off virus/bacteria.


I don't think I've had a illness. Is that what you mean?


We often fight off bacteria and viruses without knowing about it. So it happens sort of in silence. Iron would just be dumped into storage to prevent bacteria overgrowth. That's one scenario , just an example what could cause the iron status change.

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Are you sure nothing else has changed which could be affecting it? If you look on the Thyroid Uk site there are things to do but more importantly things not to do so just wondered if this is where the missing link is.


silverfox7 Im confused by your answer sorry - what do you mean?

affecting my Levo or my iron or that nothings changing for me?


If you look st the Thyroid Uk web site you will understand what I mean! Some things can block Levo working if you take them within so many hours, some foods to give a miss or different preparation of them. Also some supplements can't be taken together as they work against each other. Some are better taken towards the end of the day. It's not as complex as it seems but as well to check that something like that isn't the problem.

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