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No joy with GP, been given antidepressants

No joy with GP, been given antidepressants


I had a blood test recently (privately) and the write-up was that it is consistent with Hashimoto diagnosis. I have attached the picture. So today, I have had the GP appointment and it went exactly as I thought I would and a bit worse actually. There is nothing wrong with me, the TSH levels are fine. None of my symptoms actually has anything to do with my blood test results. No, Mrs. M, you are depressed. Got given antidepressants and sent home. Oh she has sent on my results to the Endocrinology department but she told me that this is a perfect blood test result. It could not be better.

I do have an ENT referral for my goiter to do a biopsy as the scan has shown lots of nodules and a range of cysts. So that has been processed with some urgency.

So all well then? I will have to be, because where do you go from here.

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Just keep an eye on it. You have Hashi's, so it is going to get worse. Keep asking for tests at regular intervals until she sits up and takes notice. :)



Your TSH, FT4 and FT3 are excellent so you don't have low thyroid hormone and don't therefore need thyroid hormone replacement.

Thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). There is no cure for Hashimoto's which causes 90% of hypothyroidism. Treatment is for the low thyroid levels it eventually causes. You should have annual thyroid function tests to check your thyroid levels.

Many people have found that 100% gluten-free diet is helpful in reducing Hashi flares, symptoms and eventually antibodies, and may delay progression to hypothyroidism.



You have what is known as euthyroid Hashimoto's. Many UK doctors will tell you that Hashimoto's doesn't cause symptoms unless you are hypothyroid and your symptoms are therefore non-thyroidal. There is evidence that patients can be symptomatic with euthyroid Hashimoto's and this was certainly my experience. I had a thyroidectomy as I had thyCa which is asymptomatic and as soon as the thyroid was gone my Hashimoto's symptoms resolved. My thyroid results were unequivocally euthyroid (although not as good as yours) so I think it is unlikely the Liothyronine I was given as replacement is why I felt better.



Nodules and cysts rarely cause symptoms but if they are large they may need removal to avoid impacting nearby organs even if they are benign. There's really not much you can do until you know the results of your biopsies but try not to worry because 95% of thyroid nodules are benign.

You don't have to take the antidepressants your GP prescribed and if you are not depressed it would be better not to take them.


hi @Melsa

I'm new,I'm getting advice etc on here.

a lot to know.

I can say a biopsy is ok,don't panic about the procedure,

I had one in June 2016.was found to be clear.

only problem was my voice went,took a couple of weeks to get my voice back.

I had antidepressants given to me,I did not take them,

just thought id add my bit.

take care 😊


Thanks hun, not scared of the biopsy, I had arterial blood gas tested so often in my life and had a couple of biopsies... ABG is worse. Good to know I may loose my voice though... that may be problematic... Hm.


my biopsy was so close to vocal cord.

I have a lump of "nothing to worry about" unless it gets bigger.nothing sinister.

they don't want to remove it due to voice,may loose all together.

don't worry 😊


Yes, I am not worried about the nodules as such just hope they can do something about the pain they cause me. I guess what you are saying is that one can have hashimotos but not yet be hypothyroid. It may come or it may not. I need to educate myself I think. So thanks for the links. I don't think I am not depressed but people around said this afternoon, maybe all your symptoms are in your head so you take the anti-depressants and then you are feeling better.

I think that's partially the problem when you had depression before, a lot of symptoms are the same for depression and a whole host of other illness. Like fatigue, muscle and joint pain. However, the feeling cold all the time and the hair loss maybe less so. But once you had it, you go back and it's always that. When I complained about wheezing and short of breathness, it was not asthma it was depression. The same with the hypermobility.

I just worry that I am stuck in this limbo once again, like with my asthma which never seemed bad enough to get a preventer inhaler until I got such severe pneumonia that I nearly died. Or with my hypermobility, which is just a thing no one can do anything about it.

Feeling ever slightly dejected today, tomorrow I shall pick myself and start reading about it. I started the glutenfree process earlier in the week although it's not perfect yet as I need to find out what's what.

Thanks though, I really appreciate your long reply.



Yes, you can have Hashimoto's and symptoms without being hypothyroid and sadly, you are unlikely to get any help from your doctors until you are hypothyroid so you will have to try and find ways to manage the symptoms yourself.

Hashimoto's messed with my previous stable bipolar depression for months until it became obvious to me that it wasn't just a bipolar episode. Don't let anyone tell you symptoms are in your head. If you've previously been treated for depression YOU are the one best placed to know whether you are depressed or not.

Gluten-free may help but it has to be 100% gluten free. Even a little gluten will be damaging if you are sensitive to it. If you can't do 100% I wouldn't put yourself through the stress of changing your diet.


As you have Hashimoto's it would be good idea to check your vitamin D, folate, B12 & ferritin.

If you can't face going back to your GP to ask for these you can get them privately. A lot of us test thyroid & vitamins at same time.

Definitely worth trying gluten free - it does have to be strictly adhered to. Many of us with Hashimoto's find it really helps. You don't have to have any obvious gut or gluten symptoms at al

Read about Hashimoto's on The Thyroid Pharmacist website - masses of info

I was also told I was depressed. I was totally bedbound or in wheelchair at the time (on far to small dose of Levo). I also refused anti-depressants, I said I was ill, not depressed. I accepted seeing NHS Psychiatrist, she agreed with me, reported I was coping incredibly well with severe physical illness.

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Thanks I did that with the blood test above, D and ferritin low. I have actually been taking Vitamin D for a year and was surprised to see that the level was low, but it turns out that you should take K and D together. I need to get an iron supplement. I did my blood test privately as my GP was nooooooo.

The problem is that I have a history of depression. It does make me a bit paranoid and I can feel myself slipping today. If you had asked me yesterday, I would have said: I am not depressed. This afternoon, I do rather feel very low :(


GP often only prescribes small dose vitamin D - typically 800iu. With autoimmune disease we tend to need higher dose. Often 5000iu recommended for 2-3 months and retest see where levels are. Important not to go too high or stay too low


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