Phone call from Endo

Just had a phone call from Endo to say that she can't see me until mid May (GP sent referral mid February!). However she said she has reviewed my blood tests results and I am undermedicated and to increase Levo to 125mcg.

So annoyed that my GP refused to increase it as I knew I needed more but was too worried to increase myself as it would have screwed next blood test results. I have been off work for nearly 3 months as feel so bad and maybe the increase earlier would have helped my recovery. Feel time has been wasted.... So glad I have this group where I can vent my feelings!

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  • Hi sue, why cant GPs just listen! We know how we feel not them, Hope you start to feel better on your new dose

  • Thanks x

  • Well done her for ringing though, and not just leaving you. That's something. But yes it stinks that we just have to hang around getting more poorly x

  • Is that you Harry? Have you changed your photo? Yes you are right I will try and take the positive from this once I have calmed down! :)

  • Haha, yes! I have become Harry the Mole! ;-)

  • I hope you haven't started a trend, Harry.

  • :-D

  • We need a few moles in this thyroid business to find out what is going on in the NHS and treatment of Thyroid problems! Janet.

  • I'm trying my best! ;-)

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