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Pregnant high t3

Im 11 weeks pregnant. I have hyperthyroidism/graves/t3 toxocosis/multi-nodular goiter with two 3 cm nodules (not been biopsied)

I have never been tested for my t3 since my first diagnosis, they only check my t4 and tsh and as they come back normal they don't check my t3.

Now Ive been very symptomatic since i have been told to stop taking medication since 5 weeks pregnant. Fatigue, heart rate over 100bmp all day, anxiety is bad, hands trembling and generally feeling rough. I panic alot as i lost 4 pregnancies in the pst aswell. But tests for t4 and t3 came back fine.

Soooo i ordered a private test for free t3 and cMe back with a result of 14.5 sooo stupidly high. Has anyone else had this, do i have to now push for them to take me seriously?

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Welcome to the forum, ilz30.

I think it is disgraceful that your FT3 wasn't monitored along with TSH and FT4. You need anti-thyroid drugs but as Carbimazole can cross the placenta and cause hypothyroidism in the foetus pregnant women are usually switched to propylthiouracil (PTU) until after delivery or breast feeding discontinues. Please contact your GP and endo as a matter of urgency.


Thank u for replying. They wanted to keep me off meds until 12 weeks but they haven't even seen me since 5 weeks and midwifes and hosp have been worried about my heart rate as been over 140bmp whilst there(anxiety doesn't help)

My husband is going to try and talk to them as even phoning ppl at the mo sends my anxiety crazy.



It will be the high FT3 causing your anxiety and raising your heart rate. Hopefully you will be started on PTU ASAP to bring down both.


Wow, this is Incredible that you have been taken off vital medication andafe to feel unwell. Did they explain their rationale for this?

Your condition sounds very familiar to my Graves but I was moved from carbimazole and immediately to PTU upon me getting pregnant, and I was immediately referred to endo antenatal clinic. I'm sorry this has happened to you and has made you so ill as a result. I hope you can make a same day appointment, with a different GP if necessary as being so overactive is no good for you not the baby


I have a big issue where i have moved from bristol to wales. Things are done differently, but also all my notes have gone conveniently missing. So it has been a battle.

I was due to have thyroid removal and then when i came to wales said there was no need.

They said because my levels were fine since december even though they only tested my tsh and t4 but i was still symptomatic. But ran more tests and still came back ok.

I also have thyroid eye disease but still seen in bristol and there closely monitoring as there geting worse.

Im worried that baby is not okay, had spoting at 7 weeks so its been a very stressful time. Had to even go private for medication fir pregnancy.

I have an appointment on tuesday, but secetary of endo is away on holiday.


My endo called me in urgently and has put me on ptu :)


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