Leg pains

Hi not posted for a while does anyone else on here suffer with aching legs and clicking knees I've been given pain killers and doctors says osteoporosis but this seems to all come at once for me diagnosed with under active thyroid (hasimotos ) about 2 1/2 years ago currently on 125mg thyroxine 1 day and 100 the next I also take blood pressure tablets and cholesterol tablets beginning to wonder if it's anything to do with the medication thanks

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Hello, yes I have sore legs and bad knees, especially my right knee, which is very swollen, I find it hard to walk, so house bound most of the time. I also have hashimotos, currently on 200mg levothyroxine. I believe its all connected to the condition.

Read my response to Drowley and I think you should do the same, get a new blood test for thyroid and vitamins/minerals. GP should do but may not do Free t4 and Free T3. Read reason why FT4 and FT3 in following link:


If you aren't converting 200mcg to sufficient T3 your body cannot function. T4 is inactive and T3 is the only active hormone required in our receptor cells.


The above link takes you to the website of Dr Sarah Myhill - who was a GP for many years but now practices privately. Her website if like having a GP in your computer :-) Lots of good advice about osteoporosis/lifestyle .... Hope this is helpful.

Thank yoy

Did you find the website I suggested above useful ?

Yes thank you

Osteoporosis or osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is associated with clicking joints but osteoporosis and osteopenia are more thought to be relatively pain free unless there are fractures, micro-fractures etc.

Have you had a vitamin D test recently as low levels of that can be associated with musculoskeletal pain?

Yes had vitamin d test says it's ok had MRI Sunday on knee so waiting on results thanks for the reply

What was the result of your VitD snd how much are you taking ?

not sure but doc said it was fine that was a while ago will prob get bloods again in a couple of months so will ask for vitamin D to be tested again

Docs are reluctant to test for VitD it seems - maybe costs ?? You can have it done at home - a kit sent from City Assays Birmingham - website of the same name.

Never accept * fine * - from a Doc - they mean - in range. It is where you are in the range that is important for wellness and for VitD it needs to be around 100. You could ask for copies of your test results - you are legally entitled to them - they are YOURS :-)

So are you taking any VitD ?

You have to request a new blood test from your GP. He wont do all of the necessary ones and it is common to have pain/aches with hypothyroidism, either untreated or undertreated.

See how willing your GP is to prescribe other medications for your symptoms and he has diagnosed you with osteoporosis without further investigations.

Why has your doctor prescribed tablets for cholesterol - optimum thyroid hormones should do this job as higher cholesterol is a clinical symptom of hypo and cause blood pressure caused through inefficient dose.

You need TSH, T4, T3 and antibodies (if GP hasn't done antibodies before). Free T4 and Free T3. B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. Your GP should do all of these except the lab may not do FT4 and FT3 but you can have them done privately.

Tick of your symptoms and show to GP and say you have taken advice from the NHS Choices for info on dysfunctions of the thyroid gland.




Thyroid hormones drive our whole metabolism so affects us from top to toe. Optimum thyroid hormones should remedy this. Up-to-date Research has shown many benefit from the addition of some T3 to T4. Unfortunately T3 has been cruelly withdrawn from patients for whom T3 is a lifeline to good health. Not 'fashionable' as many wrongly believe.

Thanks for the reply I've had most of the tests and they always say they are ok

Have you seen the results or have you just been told they are OK ? Is your TSH 1 or less and the FT4 & FT3 towards the upper part of the range. What were the results of your vitamins and minerals ? You will know from following this forum it is helpful for those of us trying to help - if there is more information.


The above link will take you to the statin information. Cholesterol is good - we need it for our brains 😊

If the doctor says ok that doesn't mean results are optimal (a good level). OK means they are within the range usually.

Get a print-out from the surgery of the results and put on a new post. We are entitled to have a copy but some surgeries may charge a nominal sum for ink/paper. Mine charges 30p.

Will get a new set of bloods done in a couple of months thank you


If by cholesterol tablets you mean statins then they can cause adverse drug reactions. Leg muscle pain is a typical statin adverse reaction particularly in hypothyroid patients.


Thanks will take a look

Thank you yes I think it's all related aswell

Have you had vitamin d3 checked. X

Had it about a year ago it was 74nmol if that means anything

At the very simplest level it could be the fact that you may be spending too much time resting and not moving around sufficiently. If this is so you only need to spend a few minutes walking around more often. A chair that gives proper support to the backs of your legs may assist.

I do get aching legs occasionally even when moving around often and especially at night. A single paracetomol sorts it out within ½ an hour.

The simplest solution is sometimes most effective.

I'm on my feet a lot walking around so I no it's not from that but will give the aspirin ago as tried most other things thanks

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