Doctor increased my thyroxin but chemist gave me two different brands of tablets?

My doctor increased my dose from 50 mg to 75 mg which is good but the chemist gave me 1 pack of activist (28 tablets) Levothyroxine 50mcg and 2 packs ( 28 * 2) of woockhardt 25 mcg I think this is meant to last me 6 weeks. At 75mcg a day.

Does it matter that they are different brands?


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  • Actavis do not make a 25 microgram tablet.

    It is quite normal, even common, for people to have tablets from two companies. If you are OK with both formulations, then it might be absolutely fine. Some people find one or other formulation does not work for them, in which case ask for a change when you get your next prescription.


  • Activis don't make 25mcg tablets so you have to have a different brand, only Wockhardt and Merc Pharma make 25's.

  • As said above your only way round this if you want same brand is to ask for mercury pharma,, they do all strengths..

  • Or get a prescription for three 25 mcg tablets daily. Then you open up the option of Wockhardt-only. :-)


  • My first two lots of 25 were Wockhardt - now I have got mercury 25 and 50s. Think I have had Actavis 50s too in the past. Haven't had any problems.

    Liz :-)

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