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LH/FSH(REB), abnormal?

Checking some blood tests and one suggested abnormalities. FSH-26u/L consistent with (peri) menopause. Serum LH level/ 26.1u/L. Serum FSH level 39.4u/L. Corrected serum calcium level-2.38mmol/L. Plasma glucose level, RK, normal, no action 5.2mmol/L. Serum calcium 2.52mmol/L.

Can anyone inform me of what these figures are suggesting? Says biochemistry cannot confirm menopause...?

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That's correct.

The only way of confirming that you have reached the menopause is when you have actually have gone through it.

The reason for this is that women vary so hormone levels vary.


So these figures do not necessarily indicate hypothyroidism, then? That's what I am thinking now as I am having great difficulty regulating my body temperature...


LH and FSH aren't tests for hypothyroidism. I don't understand why you think they are?

If you want to test for hypothyroidism you need to have your TSH, free T4 and free T3 tested. The NHS will only test TSH.


Okay. Noted that. Not sure what all these figures and medical terms are, so I thought I'd clarify it on this website. Thanks for doing that...


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