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Iron Testing


I am planning to check out my iron status next week. I notice on Medichecks they test Iron Status, testing iron, TIBC, ferritin, and transferrin. Is it important to test folate? It's not in this selection.

Also I am not taking any supplements for 5 days to get a true picture, is that sufficient? I will only be taking my usual 3 grains of NDT per day.

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Medichecks offer several folate tests. If you are having B12 tested it is a good idea to have folate tested too. Some of the thyroid packages include ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate.

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5 days should be sufficient for iron and folate, some say a week is better. For vit D I don't think you need to wait as long. But for B12 I've heard advice that you should wait longer to know what your body is capable of storing. I'm not sure what the time is, I've heard even 2 weeks isn't enough. But if you don't have pernicious anemia and you're just looking to raise b12 you shouldn't have to worry about that so much. Have I missed any other supplements you might be taking?

Yes you should test folate along with iron, b12 and vit D. If you want to go further it could be worth testing zinc and selenium (especially if you have Hashimoto's).

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