Confused about test results

I have just received my blood test results and just wanted some advice as I'm seeing my GP on Friday to discuss.

I have an enlarged thyroid anyway which I have had for donkey's years but in the last year or so I have noticed the classic signs of an underactive thyroid such as dry skin, terrible cracked heels, brain fog and constipation.

My results read:

TSH 0.56

T4 14.3

Thyroid peroxidase antibody 33iu

Many thanks for your help.

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Could you ask for the 'normal' ranges in brackets.

And post full details on here.

You could ask for a print out at the doctors if you wish.

Yes of course and thanks for replying.

TSH 0.56 (0.35 - 5.5)

T4 14.3 (10.0 - 19.8)

Peroxidase antibody 33iu (0-61)


As TSH is low and T4 is a top of range, as long as you are not on Levothyroxine, the as an amateur at least two things could be happening. You could be in the see-saw stage of Hashimoto's or it could be hyper thyroid, Graves.

I am a sufferer not a medic so only lay thoughts.

What did GP say?


PaulB Sallysayshi FT4 is not at the top of it's range, it's not even half way through. 50% of range is 14.9


Thought it was t4 not ft4, replied before you added ranges. That makes it interesting

Was about to say the same and that if FT4 low then FT3 could be on the floor if not converting well.

I'm seeing GP on Friday but I'm pretty sure she will say the ranges are normal.

Many thanks for your replies.

Do yyou think from those results all I'd ok?

You. Red an increase to lift up your FT4 as it should be in the top third or even the top quarter to be well. Then you also need an FT3 reading to make sure you are converting the inactive T4 into the active T3 which every cell in the body needs to function properly.

Some things help the Thyroid to convert and greatly help our general health as well so ask your doctor to test B13, Vit D, folate and Ferritin as we are often very low in those then post them for comments as again many doctors if we are in range say we are fine when we are not!

Many thanks. I will ask for the FT4 and 3 tests tomorrow and see where we go from there.

I fear I have a battle on my hands to get retested though!

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