Pain around Thyroid area

Hi for many months I have been having blood test due to feeling fatigued. I am worst pm around 2pm my energy levels crash. I have discomfort around my throat/neck area. I feel totally run down. All my blood test are normal. Repeated. Symptoms. Insomnia dry skin low mood lethargy in afternoon raised BP feeling cold weight gain shaky foggy unable to concentrate. My Serum Thyroid peroxidase antibody 37.3 ? My TSH 2.1 and Parathyroid 28. Can anyone advise me where to go next. Feel very unwell.

Thank you

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It would help if you get full details of blood test results including the normal ranges in brackets and post on here.

ok will do that. Thank you kindly

You do have symptoms of Hypothyroidism don't you?

You could ask your doctor to send you for an Ultrasound scan of your Thyroid.

I did .

I have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis & Hypothyroidism


my doctor is very unsupportive. I have had to constantly ask for bloods. they gave me HRT as I was tearful and said it was my hormones!! which I have not taken. I work in NHS and would not treat my patients this way

Serum TSH 2.1 (0.3-5.5) Serum thyroid peroxidase antibody concentration 37.3 iu (0.0-60.0)

It's difficult with an unhelpful doctor isn't it. Is there another GP you could see at the practice? I went around them all. I had to keep going back (over years) before I was diagnosed. It's also difficult with Hashimoto's as you start Hyper and bloods can also fluctuate.

My bloods were Hypothyroid in 2008 but no one told me I was under lots of stress and ill at the time. They were Euthyroid in 2010 so no action taken. I asked for scan in 2011 following which I got urgent referal to Endocrinologist.

You need more bloods and a doctor to LISTEN to you. Have you written a list of your symptoms to take in with you.

Do ask for the Ultrasound scan.

You work for the NHS - is there anyone in Xray you know you could ask for advice ?


Why don't you ask Staff Health if they can arrange the scan for you? They are keen to keep staff well and in work aren't they?



I wil do that. Thank you . I work in Mental Health team so I don't really have contact in X-ray. But I taken your advise about the bloods and the scan. I wondered if its worth paying private for the bloods but don't know which to request. I am very healthy normally. Do not drink or smoke. Don't eat processed food. Not has bread for 9 weeks now. Take vitamins B12 D Vitamin C. Holy Basil. I get exercise and fresh air albeit I do have stressful job. but I've done it for 15 and never felt like this.

Breakfast today Avacado scrambled egg and fresh tomatoes. Thats the sort of things I eat.

Thank you once again


I was very tired last night. Been doing too much. Had to go to bed early!


Failing finding another more obvious reason in your blood tests further down the line, if you are always worse and crash badly around 2pm it might be worth looking at your blood sugar levels or something you are eating?

Blood sugar levels are easy to test with a cheap testing kit from the pharmacy. If they turn out to be less than favourable, you can eat different things to help this.

It turned out most of my issues since childhood were actually down to eating gluten. This would make me tired all day all the time regardless and had sleep disorder anyway and never felt like eating much or got hungry but it was definitely always worse in the two hours after eating and would literally fall asleep on my desk. I would often skip breakfast or grab banana etc and then have a sandwich or something at work, then crash. if I skipped lunch, I could even get through the day a little easier sometimes although this is obviously not a great thing to do lol. You could try eliminating the two obvious ones dairy/gluten one at a time to see if changes anything or failing that, you could try a complete six week elimination diet to determine if you notice any improvements with the removal of other things.

Good luck in figuring it out, just keep looking for clues and ruling things out :-)

My thyroid antibodies are 74 and TSH is 4.01 and I feel dreadful. Dr won't treat my thyroid until TSH reaches 5.5

TSH is simply not an adequate test to assess thyroid function

you need

thyroid antibodies


free t4

free t3




vit d3

all are interelated

if freet4 and freet3 are low in their ranges then its likely you have Central Hypothyroid

it is though vital you consider possibility of being gluten sensitive

but your symptoms currently scream hypothyroid which always trashes vitamin levels exacerbating the issue

Thank you

Before I took THs, I crashed at 4pm every afternoon, & had to sleep. Embarrassing during meetings! I was always wide awake between 3 & 5am. I've read low thyroid hormones mess up the circadian cortisol cycle. My joint pain still wakes me up, but I now sleep at normal times.

Hi Netathea -

I second the idea of checking your blood glucose before, just after and at lomger intervals after eating carbs, even the 'healthy' ones.

Also, I assume your work can be stressful in all kinds of ways.

Would you consider a saliva cortisol test? Do you sleep through the night? Are you working shifts?

I also had my blood cortisol checked at the times I felt worst, these were very low and convinced my doctor to take me seriously.

I would do the complete thyroid panel first though.

Good luck

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