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Random thoughts about T3 campaign

Been thinking a bit and then a bit more.

I have some ideas that might be or might not be useful, but here is what I think about what could be done.

For most of us its simple and we understand how thyroid works ,but there are a lot of people who find it just Hebrew. Like my so called boyfriend or whatever he is, just cannot get it when I go on and on about the details and numbers and talk about T4 and T3 and conversion. He is not stupid, I think... lol ... no he is not stupid, but its very weird world to him.

If we want to raise the awareness we should also present facts in simple words as if it is too difficult to decipher, it wont reach people.

If someone has any type of graphic skills we could make funny posters or drawings we could share, some type of logos or something people can use on Facebook, twitter, you name it. Or we could print leaflets and posters that are visually attractive to draw attention.

Fundraising for TUK, well how about t-shirts, key chain, coffee mugs, whatever you can quickly design on for example cafepress and the money can be donate to TUK or whomever. I know there are some items sold on TUK shop, but we could hopefully extend it a bit with something maybe funny?

Funny t-shirts patients could wear on campaigns, going to doctors etc. Funny postcards , witty statements etc. About hypothyroidism you can joke a bit, me think.

We should make ourselves look like a group of people that are sympathetic , intelligent and funny too. So we would not just be seen as a group possibly menopausal cranky old cows who have nothing better to do (as that's what most doctors seem to think)

Interviews that could be videoed , polls on streets? Could publish them on Youtube or..?

I am not suggesting this all to be done and now, but I figure this is going to be a long battle and I think we should not just concentrate on striking hard once, but keep bombarding continuously. Remember, I am Finnish and we won the epic winter war against Russia so we Finns have that type of kamikaze attitude :P Yippee ki-yay!!!!

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I hope people get encouraged to think outside of the box!


I see T4 as the lay a bed teenager who can be energetic and together but only with the right conditions. And T3 is a slightly mad springer spaniel that will run and jump aboutaalmost without limits. Somewhat simple I know but I agree that we need to be creative for those that appear to shut off with science and numbers. A good set of ideas to get us all thinking.


I have had this on my mind a while and decided to post it so people could let the idea "stew" a bit and hopefully get great ideas! If someone has a family member or friends who could help a bit with designing or something.

Like how you see T4 and T3. That could be turned into picture, animation or whatever easy to approach. Vast majority of non hypo have a certain image what hypothyroidism looks like and it can be something difficult to approach or medical mumbojumbo. Even most doctors think hypothyroid are old. Most people I know do not understand young people can fall ill too.


I saw the most wonderful animation last year illustrating the issue of consent using stick men and 'would you like a cup of tea'. So simple and yet so profound.

I think that this is the sort of thing that you are thinking of for explaining thyroid conditions to the public and the science of T3 T4.


Yeah, something simple like works very well!


I've long thought that a video game approach might have some merit.

Can imagine the player being given the details of a "patient" and having to handle the case appropriately. Request and interpret tests, prescribe, see what happens by their next appointment.

Of course, two cases which initially appear identical might turn out entirely differently. So anyone "playing" could very often be wrong-footed if they don't do things right.

Highest marks, of course, when patient is healthy and happy.

Ever so important that, even if it used video game technology, it really musn't be allowed to be treated like a game.


For educational purpose could be handed over to medical school as a gesture of good will :P

No but seriously that would be very informing and would underline importance of individually tailored dosing. Something like that has been on my mind as well.

Currently I am working on android application related to thyroid issues, but as I have no skills I am only able to do something relatively small with android application studio. Like I started to make it for myself.


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