Some questions about T3

Hi guys,

I am on the trail of the wilsons temperature syndrome and adrenal fatigue. I am planning on making a concerted effort to repair my adrenals and do short cycles of T3 as per the WTS protocol. I have a few q's about T3 though.

1. Does T3 "go off"? I have a box of tiromel from last year, does it become less effective or go weird? Can I still use it?

2. I have experienced water retention and headaches with T3 before, but I was low carbing at the time (stupid me!) So I think the headaches won't be a problem now, but is it normal to have water retention and does it go away? I already have lots of edema so I hope it won't cause seriously high blood pressure

3. Fast heart rate - what can I do about that?

4. Given my thyroid results are normal, am I likely to become dependent on the T3? The WTS site doesn't say much about this but they seem to be confident that one can stop and start T3 without dependencyor downregulation, but I am not sure.

Thanks so much guys. Any and all answers gratefully recieved :)

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why is being on low carb diet a silly idea. i have just started this as i need more fat and protien

Low carb has a negative effect on conversion.

It may not be a silly idea for you, I don't know. However it had a very negative effect on me, largely because I have AF I believe. The adrenals need carbs to recover, so I was causing more stress to them by avoiding carbs. But you may be different, so its up to you. I hope that is helpful :)


If by AF you mean atrial fibrillation you should avoid high dose T3 and it will be safer to split into 2-3 doses throughout the day.

Oops, thats why I shouldn't abbreviate things...I meant adrenal fatigue - rather less serious! As it happens I wasn't thinking of taking high doses anyway. But thanks :)


That's okay, better safe than sorry. One member seemed to suggest that WTS required ever increasing doses of T3 each cycle.

I believe you are supposed to increase a little bit each day until your temperature rises, then taper off again. I am not sure if I'm quite ready for that, I am just going to take a very small dose and see if I tolerate. I noticed a definite improvement taking even miniscule doses before, and I feel my body is in need of a boost again. That sounds really naive, doesn't it, but I have done my research I promise - I'm not going to do anything stupid if I can help it! Thanks Clutter for your continuing help and advice :)


If you feel better with miniscule doses of T3 why not use it as a maintenance dose rather than an occasional boost?

Well, the only reason isbecause my thyroid Iis meant to be working, in theory, and of course there's the annoyingthing that what Iimproves your thyroid can tire your adrenals further, so I'm trying to do a phase of adrenal repair followed by T3 followed by another phase of adrenal repair etc etc. Its not totally scientific,I admit, but Iits the best I can do as every doctor/naturopath/etc I have seen has simply not believed me when I explained my condition. They think I am a hypochondriac ornot eating enough protein or just not doing enough exercise yada yada. In the end you just have to do what works.

So I hope this works!


Wilson's syndrome is a label applied to a collection of nonspecific symptoms in people whose thyroid hormone levels are normal. It isn't a medically recognised diagnosis.

I used some T3 9 months past it's expiry date and it hadn't lost potency or gone "weird".

I've not had water retention taking T3 only or T4+T3.

Your thyroid levels should normalise within 3-4 weeks of stopping T3.

Thank you! Just what I was looking for. In Clutter we trust :) yes, nonspecific and undefined is where I belong. Cheers!

Thats very interesting elgii - I guess people like to categorize things differently. I was never able to get an rt3 test so I don't know what my rt3 levels are like. If they are not high then my symptoms are unexplainable! I guess they must be high. I do have adrenal fatigue so that might have quite a lot to do with it as well. Thanks for your insight and for the link - I will check that out. Have you had the same syndrome? What did you do? Cheers :)

Read the link, really concise and helpful information, thank you :)

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