Having just read the latest addition of Harmony mag from TUK I was struck by the article Methylation by Dr Alyssa Burns - Hill.

Here we are many of us running around crying I,m Hypo and I can,t get any GP or Endo to prescribe when if we are to believe this article it may well be all about Methylation which it appears one of it,s many affects can be to affect thyroid performance.I am suggesting that thousands of us who are demanding justice for us thyroid sufferers should perhaps be demanding an investigation into Methylation! I accept that thyroid meds work as they have for me for the past 5 years but are we only treating a symptom of a Methylation problem which may be a precursor to what appears to be a thyroid issue! Perhaps TUK may need to be MUK!!! There are many alternative ideas out there offered by well qualified people who all write a very convincing book on there topic and of course very often front up an expensive treatment program. We should however not dismiss these medical suggestions but perhaps proceed with caution. I would like to here from others what they think about Methylation particularly from TUK medical advisors after all TUK has put this topic out there.


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I haven't gone into the details of methylation problems much yet, but I'm convinced that many of us, particularly those with 'normal' blood tests, do have something else causing problems with our thyroid and that although taking thyroid hormones helps with some symptoms, we're simply papering over the cracks in taking them. I think that some good doctors out there believe something else is going on but don't know what and in the meantime are happy to help us, but that others, either believing the same or possibly not understanding at all, think we don't have an endocrine problem and this is why they refuse to diagnose anything. I don't know which is the better route because once we find out what is really wrong it's often too late to stop taking thyroid hormones.

Thanks Framboise,I think your right. One of the problems that can occur as with my wife is that for the past 5 years she has been slightly thyroxic on her T3 meds. At 73 now diagnosed with severe osteoporosis without any indication there was a problem. Some Docs say overdosing thyroid meds can contribute to osteoporosis, so there you have it,wacking in the thyroid meds because they may make you feel better may have an unexpected outcome,there may a deeper issue that is just beginning to be talked about. I would recommend any female on thyroid meds to keep an eye on their bone condition, have a DEXA scan every few years.

A similar thing has happened to me, after 10 years taking NDT, having been diagnosed despite normal blood test results, I recently had a DEXA which showed osteoporosis. I'd been assured that NDT would actually help my bones. My GP and NHS endo (who monitor but won't prescribe) are of course saying 'I told you so'!

I should add that my wife had an early menopause ( early 40,s) which we believe was a major contributor to the condition. She had also issues from a young age and I have recently learnt that you make most of your bone by 25years after that it is a matter of recycling. Once the hormone levels dip it seems many women loose bone faster than replacement hence osteoporosis and you don,t know it,s happening,that why it,s known as the " silent epidemic". Point is it may not be your thyroid meds, could also be genetics and very much more lifestyle,ie alcohol,coffee, smoking and a sedentary life. For many now it,s car to and from work and sit at a desk,not good. If you have caught it early then at least you have a chance to stop the rot. Good luck

Rondosa, it is perfectly natural to lose bone density as you age. Have a look at this :

In past articles, we delved deeply into the cardiotoxicity of the limestone-, bone meal- or oyster shell-based calcium supplements that dominate the mainstream marketplace,[2] [3] and also the fatally flawed bone mineral density (BMD) guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization in the mid-90′s, which essentially reclassified aging as a disease by using the bones of a young adult (25 year old) at peak bone mass as the standard of normality for older women of all ages (i.e. the T-score). As a result of these guidelines, millions of asymptomatic women were suddenly told they had a new ‘bone disease’ called osteoporosis, and millions more were told they had ‘pre-osteoporosis’ or ‘osteopenia,’ an entirely nonsensical disease classification, arbitrarily conceived, and with no basis in biological or physiological fact. [read more: Osteoporosis Myth: The Dangers of High Bone Mineral Density]

Thanks,makes interesting reading, problem is my wife at 73 with a spine T score of -4.7 and classed as severe osteoporosis it takes a massive leap of faith to walk away from the medical profession and put all your confidence in something I know little of. Just started the calcium trip and about to start AAcid. I am not happy with this but what to do? What a responsibility!

I understand. It is a problem. The only thing I can think of is research, research, research. I should imagine there must be osteoporosis groups somewhere on the net. One can learn so much from these groups.

Good luck!

Very interesting article - thanks for link

Can I ask how much NDT you were/are taking ?

I took between 2.5 and 2.75 grains for about 10 years but am currently taking 2 grains.

Ah, thanks Framboise

Alyssa Burns who wrote the article is attending the Conference on Saturday, 18th October.


I had a methylation genetic profile test done and it did show that i gad severe problems with my ability to convert energy at celular level......which resulted in thyroid problems which i have...this was in my dna.

Hi Yorkshiregirl.

I appreciate your post was 11 months ago but I'm doing lots of research and reading at the moment hoping to improve my poor health, including hashitmotos hypothyroidism.

May I ask where you got the methylation genetic profile done, and what action you took when you got those results? And of course if it made you feel better ( I hope so)



Could you p,m. Me with details this Methylation Test please ? Would

be grateful.

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