T3 arrived from Greece, took 3 weeks

Hi All - just a quick post to say that the T3 from the supplier recommended to me by members has arrived. Took 3 weeks so others can plan accordingly. I intend to try the CT3M method as my morning cortisol is low and I feel absolutely awful first thing.

The Levo hasn't really done much for me - it just reduced my already low TSH even lower, and my FT4 dropped, FT3 not moved. Hoping that the introduction of T3 will improve things. I am off the grid now as my endo wanted my Levo reducing when my TSH dropped, but with no suggestions for what else to try.

Thanks to all members who post on here - I read every day to try to pick up as much knowledge as possible and take control of this hideous and debilitating illness.

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I do hope that you get on well with the addition of T3 😊. Having read your previous posts I may end up following a similar pattern....

Wishing you well 🤗

Please could you pm were you got your t3 from . I'm planning ahead . I have another endo appointment in about 6 weeks to see if the board will fund t3 for me but I'm not holding my breathe so I'm trying to get some ready to start if it gets turned down .

Was that Unipharma richar03 ? If so that is good considering the current problems people are having. If it is Unipharma I will tell my friend supplies are coming through as she's held off ordering because of the recent delays and apparent shortage.

Mine was the Unipharma SeasideSusie! Ordered on the 11th, came this morning!

Yes it was Unipharma.

Yes I had the same experiencde recently, they have been having supply problems. I will make sure I order the next lot a good six weeks before I need it to ensure it arrives at least a couple of weeks before my current supply runs out. I hope the T3 works better for you, it certainly does for me.

Thank you - I feel a little bit of hope returning now I have this to try.

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