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T3 batch not working?

I've started on my new batch of T3 a couple of weeks ago and I've started to notice some dreaded old symptoms recurring.

I've been on T3 for a couple of years, not always from the same source but this source I've been on for a while.

Difficult to explain the symptom but my best go at it is anxiety, feelings of doom, fuzzy head, twitchy face, weakness etc (there's more).

Is it possible I have a dud batch? Has anyone else noticed their Unipharma not acting g as well?

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What is the batch number?


Hi Jimh111

It says LOT 16 08 and theres a long number too....160102211818


Oh sorry, I didn't realise you purchase your own L-T3 I'd assumed it was the NHS stuff.


Im afraid that is the worry. I would love to receive NHS controlled T3 but even though my NHS consultant has said I must only take T3, my GP, nor the CCG will allow it. It is a huge worry for me because I cannot be ill again as I was on T4 yet now this particular batch of T3 is creating some issues hence my concern. I don't want to go down that bad path again.


I assume you have seen this british-thyroid-association... . If so you could try making an official complaint and contacting your MP in person.


Yes I have seen this thank you, since my GP refused. I intend to go along to the GP with it and see what he says or at least appeal to the CCG with this attached. Thank you though for pointing it out for me.


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