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Tyhroid/neck scan

Hi there

My levels of t3 was 3.9 and tsh was 110.9 at the beginning. What would results of a tyhroid/neck scan expect to look like at this level please?

Is there something obvious to be seen at this stage by the doctor who did my neck scan please? Its just that i have a lot of pain.. Type swelling feeling in my neck and glands yet they said my scan appeared normal.

Many thanks


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Hi demitria I'm in a same boat like u got pain and swelling in my thyroid area lethargy pains and aches everywhere my thyroid scan was done last year in October I have a goiter no noudles at that time don't know what's happening now bcs I'm still not feeling well even taking lots of supplement what is your latest blood results with ranges bcs I'm euthyroid but still feeling awful .....samy


Hi there

Sending best wishes you way xxx

My latest results and thatcwas at the end of 75mcg levo was

T3 9.7

Tsh 48.5



Yours is under active and I have graves disease

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