Cervical spine CAT scan

Please can anyone shed any advice. I have to have a CT scan of my neck as my orthopaedic surgeon has suggested I may have issues with nerves being trapped in my neck / compression creating ongoing issues with my shoulder.

Recently my shoulder had to be re X-rayed and I asked for a thyroid shield. Now I am worried as it is my neck that will be being exposed to radiation and so how can I protect the thyroid when it's my neck being photographed this way?

Any reassurance will be gratefully received.

Best Buddy

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I have had neck and shoulder pain since my diagnosis but xray only revealed early onset spondylitis but age related.Im convinced that its nerve related to my thyroid. Let me know if you get anywhere with the scan .Good luck

I'm not sure about protecting your thyroid but you could ask about it when you go for the scan.

I had symptoms that my neurologist thought were related to the nerves in my neck. They turned out to be late stage symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency. If you haven't already, it may be worth getting your b12 and folate checked. B12 is best above 500 and folate is best above 12.

I hope it all goes well for you.

Carolyn x

Was this diagnosed by testing? Interestingly I was very low on B 12 (284) ref range 225-1100 and have been supplementing with sublingual. As well as all problems with my neck and thumbs, my right heel is completely numb and has been for some time yet it feels like I am walking on a drawing pin. I think having coeliac and being hypothyroid and having had anaesthesia ( a well known cause if b12 deficiency) I need to get tested again.

The rheumy ( currently treated with the drug Plaquinel for UCTD .... undifferentiated connective tissue disease / sjogrens) said my LDH & AST were slightly elevated too. Oh dear, I am falling apart


Don't they have an MRI machine? That doesn't produce ionizing radiation.

I would be claustrophobic in an MRI hence my agreeing to a CAT scan instead.

Since surgery not only do I have pain in my shoulder and my neck but both my thumbs have pain when reaching out for something and they are completely numb to the touch, I mean NO feeling externally. Both the rheumy and the ortho doctors have diagnosed bilateral de Quervain's syndrome. How can this come on after shoulder surgery?

Good question. You'd think if there was nerve damage it would be on the side you had surgery and not both sides.

Hi Bestbuddy

I also have the same as you. have had scan twice. I have been told Op in my case is dangerous. Where I am we have MSK clinic which is fairly new and I am on that forum.

Our final meeting is taking place this Thursday as how to make this service available. I will let you know of the outcome. After your result ask your GP whether you can be referred.

Good luck

Please explain....What is MSK clinic?

Hi Bestbuddy

It's Muskeletuskeletal

Long word

Hi Bestbuddy

MSK is a clinic which some cities have it. I don't know where u r

I am in Oxford and we have such a clinic which your GP or Orthopaedics can referrer you.

Thanks for explaining...I have looked on HealthUnlocked for the musculoskeletal ....what name does it have as I can't find it!

use Chiropractic to avoid any surgeries. Ask them to avoid thyroid area if possible.

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