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my condition is hypothalamic lesion causing pituitary hormone deficiencies

I m new here. my name is Anne

my conditions:

hypothyroidism, adrenal n cortisol low level, diepedic insipidus. blood test every 3 months: THS; 0.001 t3 n T4 are normal. Tests on mineral level is getting lower n lower.

medicines taking are Levothyroxine 120mg, Minirin 0.2mg per day, hydrocortison 15mg per day.

feeling very tire n sleepy everyday. biggest problem now is keep putting on weight,

even morning 1 hr everyday.

anyone having the same problem n how to cope with the conditions

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Hi Anne, welcome to the forum.

Do you have the actual numbers for the FT4 and FT3? 'Normal' just means 'in range'. But, just being 'in range' isn't good enough. It's where in the range that the results fall that counts. :)

Which mineral is getting lower?


Thank you so much for quick response.

Thyroid: T4. 20.1

T3. 2.77

THS. <. 0.01


Creatinine. 42 mmol/L

Sodium. 125 mmol/L

Chloride. 84 mmol/L

Vit D is maintained. Taking 1000mg everyday.


So, which mineral is getting lower?


All the three


Well, I think that's normal when one produces too much urine. Doesn't your doctor give you supplements to maintain them?

You still haven't given me the ranges for the Frees. It really is impossible to make any suggestions without all the details. But, I think you are under-medicated for your hypothyroidism, which won't help your adrenals, or anything else. :(


Sorry, need the ranges. but, FT3 looks very low.


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