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COQ10 - is it causing my rash?

I am concerned that the COQ10 I am taking is causing a very itchy and red rash which is now on my elbows, inner part of the knees, and forehead.

I am taking 'Nature's Best' but wondered if anyone has had this problem, or if anyone knows of a hypoallergenic version?

I have stopped taking it but at the moment it is still not clearing, which makes me wonder if it could be the T3! If it were the T3 that would be a disaster because I have been SO much better since cutting the T4 right down and increasing the T3.

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A rash is so difficult to pinpoint to any one thing. I have taken Nature's Best CoQ10 but not for a while but didn't experience a rash. I was plagued with itchy hives about 4 years ago when I was on T4 only and it has come back again but not nearly so bad. I am now on a T4/T3 combo and would have been pointing at the T3 if it were not that I had it before taking T3. Perhaps I am having a reaction to both T4 and T3 - I just don't know.

My doctor was unable to shed any light on it and just prescribed anti-histamines.

Hope you find the answer Marram.


Seems like we are all problem patients. The problem is that this time last year I was on T4 only and very, very ill. I have since started T3, then saw Dr BDP who recognised that the T4 is making me worse plus adrenal problems - so now I am taking so many new things, but the time frame did suggest the COQ10 - but it could equally be T3, the NutriAdrenal post-dates the rash, as does the vit D3 (my D was below the bottom figure - so it could be that - in which case hopefully it will clear up!) It definitely IS a minefield! I am already taking antihistamines, but they are clearly not working! Back to the drawing


I haven't used that brand, but fillers and colouring can cause problems. I've used Higher Nature CoQ10 and Healthy Origins Ubiquinol with no side effects. Have had far fewer allergies since getting vitamin D levels up.


Might have a look at those, I understand the Ubiquinol is better than ubiquinone anyway, so it might benefit me more too!. I'm working on the vit D too.


I've been taking Q- Sorb Co Q-10 120mg from Holland & Barrett and have had no side effects. What strength have you been taking?



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