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What is causing my hyperthyroidism!?


Hi all, I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid in november last year and after a long process of GP appointments I am now on carbimazole. Started at 40mg and after bloods now show my thyroid levels are in a normal range I have been reduced to 10mg.

However, I still have a lot of symptoms - tremor, difficulty sleeping, tiredness all day, dizzy spells and headaches.

I have been tested for Graves Disease and I do not have thyroid anti-bodies. Yesterday I had a scan of my thyroid to look for any problem nodules and nothing showed up.

Can anyone identify any other causes of overactive thyroid? I feel like I am getting nowhere! My GP won't refer me to a consultant yet until he receives the official results of the scan. I am taking my carbimazole but feel completely helpless still feeling so unwell and with no real answers.

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Take a look here, it may provide some clues..... thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/about_...

Xx g

Sorry I have no idea, I was lucky that my antibodies showed up on my first blood test so I got a prescription for carb and an appointment to see an endo at the same time.

I'm absolutely no expert but I always thought that all hyper patients were seen by an endo, especially as you are taking carbimazole. it seems strange (well it does to me) that he hasn't referred you to one.

Do you think he has spoken to an endo by phone and they have made a joint decision based on your blood test results not to refer you?

My GP used to specialise in Endo so I think he feels confident in developing my treatment. However the demand on the GP surgery means I struggle to get face to face appointments and any real answer!

Oh dear - wonder if he specialised in thyroid problems or in diabetes? Endocrinology covers both but from what I've read on here you really want to see a thyroid endo for thyroid problems and a diabetes endo for diabetes rather than just an 'endocrinologist'.

Very annoying if you can't get to see someone face to face.

How long have you been on the lower dose? I found I didn't see the total difference when dropping doses for at least 8 weeks.

Hi Jess89,

I read loads of articles on hyperthyroid when I was diagnosed 2 years ago,

and the majority of them stated anxiety as the single cause - which described

me perfectly at the time.

I wouldn't have considered myself as anxious prior to that, but I did have a

lot of work "stress" that year, it just went on and on and on. Now I realise it

was anxiety.

I refuse to feel anxious any more, so if I feel it coming on, I have herbal tablets

on hand, containing valerian, spinosa and passiflora, which only bring my

level of "anxiety" back to my usual equilibrium, within about 15 - 20 minutes.

They're non-drowsey, and have no other effect apart from making me feel

normal again.

I'm in Australia, and the product is made here, and available thru our health

food shops. I'm sure you could easily find a similar product where you live.

Cheers, and a hug for you,


Hi Liz... Just read your post... just wondering... did you use Carbimazole to start with, to get levels right?

Jess89 in reply to wildpoppy

Hi. Yes 40mg to start and still taking it. Now down to 5mg symptoms have reduced but the anxiety feelings still remain and the odd tremor. It's a long process.

Hi wildpoppy,

Yes, I used Carbimazole to begin with, 2 x 10mg daily.

Have been down to 2 x 5mg daily for about 2 years now, and doing ok at this level.

Cheers, Liz

Hi, hope you are well now... Just wondering if you found a cause?


Jess89 in reply to wildpoppy

Unfortunately not. I have been tested for graves three times now as no one believes I don't have it!

I have also had a scan for nodules and abnormalities and nothing has shown up!

Waiting to go back to the consultant for next steps. Very frustrating as still don't feel normal... if such a thing exists anymore.

wildpoppy in reply to Jess89

Oh sorry to hear that... Have you ever tried herbs to rebalance?

I'm sure I read on hear once about a woman who had high levels, no antibodies... She went for a scan and it was all clear... I remember as she was relieved (I'm pretty sure it wasn't you!)...

I've recently been to see Japanese Practioner, he thinks my 'recent' stress has caused this.. I've been given some herbs, so guess we'll see... I'm still waiting for an appt with an Endo :-/

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