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Where can i get T3

Hi i'm new to here but thought i could get some help

ive tried to source some but im not sure if its legit or not. I've been on thyroxine for a year and have put on over a stone since. I even stopped taking it shortly after i got put on it as i put 5 pounds on but had to give in as i was exhuasted, doctor didnt believe me! To start with i keep telling the doctors i wasnt on enough and none of my symptoms would be change with the dose given. Finally they sent me to an endo and he put me up to 75mcg tested me four weeks later and said my level is all fine (1.28 or something like that) and doesn't care that none of my symptoms have been fixed. He even had the cheek to say if your energy levels are low do some exercise!

I'm bloated, feel like im full of water/swollen, still exhausted all the time, eat a 30g portion of cereal for lunch & dinner and exercise (HITT) 5 times a week my weight hasn't changed and i feel no more energetic maybe just a little less tired..

So i have some done some research and found that i may need to take some T3 as well a T4. I even phoned the consultant at the hospital and asked if they could change may medication (maybe to try armour instead) but he said they wont do it over the phone and i would have to wait for my next clinic which is over 2 months away!.

I feel like they think im making all these symptoms up and feel unless i can prove them wrong by showing them that a different medication works better they wont listen to me!

What more odd is im 27 years old- and not once have they actually looked into why my thyroid has packed up at my age!

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Firstly, you will see reading lots of posts on here you are not alone

Do you have copies of your test results? Ideally TSH, FT4, FT3 AND thyroid antibodies

Do you know if you have Hashimotos (high antibodies)

You are entitled to copies of your own results - ask politely for printed copy from receptionist at surgery if you don't have them. You will have to wait a day or two as they have to ask GP before releasing them

Do you also have recent test results for vitamin D, folate, B12 & ferritin. Common to be low in these & these need to be at good levels for thyroid hormones to work

Improving vitamins can really help

If you have Hashimotos then a gluten free diet may offer significant reduction in symptoms

See Thyroid Uk website for lots of info including where to get private testing done if GP won't (or you can't face the battle)

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Yes i'm glad im not the only one suffering and getting nowhere

Yeh they have done tonnes of different tests (purely because i think they didnt want to explore the thyroid issue orignally!) liver, vitamins, inflamatory markers- all came back normal including a cortisol test- i did have low b12 ages ago which they kept thinking why i was tired but ive been taking prescription B12 tablets for a about the same time as the thyroxine and they test it everytime i have my thyroid done and it always come back normal.

I cant get the results from the GP as they didnt have them it was on the hospital system- so last time i had tests done (end of march) i had to phone the hospital and the consultent went through them with me. They did

I believe my TSH was 1.28 and he said all the others were in the normal ranges (i will see if the can provide these for me) so in his eyes it was ok and there were no issues andno further action is required! hence why i wish to take matters into my own hands


Like lots of us on here, you can get full private tests - most popular is Thyroid & vitamin bundle from Medichecks or Blue Horizon £99

See Thyroid Uk website for lots of info & where to get done

Just having vitamin levels "in range" is often not enough - they often need to be at high end of range - you need to get the actual results that were done (including ranges)

Typically vitamin D needs to be around 100.

Bloating & gut issues common with Hashimotos - can be low stomach acid /low B12 and/or gluten intolerance or gut infections like candida

Only way to find out really if gluten is significant issue is to cut it out. It does need to be strictly 100%

Can be astonishingly different for some, or others find slow subtle improvements.

If you read lots of posts on here you will see many similar situations


Just to say that if you want to look at the testing prices, it's Thyroid Thursday :) (I have no association with any testing facility.)

And there may be some decent offers around from several companies for the Bank Holiday weekend.

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