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Blood results interpretation help


Those who have seen my previous post will know I have had half my thyroid removed due to suspected cancer, but got a precancer diagnosis. I have been feeling unwell ever since and am now 5 months post op.

As the GP's let me down I am doing private bloods every 6 weeks. I have given the results to them, but they have advised its all normal and there is nothing wrong with my remaining Thyroid, I have done 2 private tests with results below, both 1st thing in the morning before eating. I am on no thyroid meds.

T3: 5

T4: 16.3

TSH: 3.14

This weeks test ....

T3: 5

T4: 15.5

TSH: 2.13

GP said its showing signs of my Thyroid healing, but I am still struggling with weight gain and fatigue. Do people agree this is showing signs of it getting better ?

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Your TSH is improved but this is more likely to be a seasonal variation than anything else. TSH is lower in spring/summer than in autumn/winter. Unless your remaining thyroid lobe was damaged during surgery there shouldn't be anythying to heal.

TSH >2 indicates your remaining thyroid lobe is struggling to produce thyroid hormone but FT4 15.5 is adequate and FT3 5 good. NHS won't usually diagnose hypothyroidism until TSH is over range or FT4 below range.

You might find supplementing 200mcg selenium helpful thyroid support.

You should also ask your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate because low levels can cause fatigue, musculoskeletal pain and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms.


Thank you, I had no idea that TSH was seasonal ! I had all my vits and iron checked and was told all normal but dont have the numbers. I think I may order them on Medichecks also for peace of mind.



Or ask your GP receptionist for a printout of your results and ranges.


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