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l had Low Cortisol in 2x blood tests after decades of over tiredness++ but Consultant later said it was fine in a Synacthen Test at Hospital - and have felt rotten since 2 days after. Another post on here time ago lady said she was just not treated for similar. lt appears you only get treatment if its Addisons which can be life-threatening. Mind you l am getting back to where l was 20 years ago - pre magical Healer now sadly passed - where l was'nt sure l cd even go on and am trying avoid that. l have got out my Acupoint little machine (DIY) and gone on Pituitary point between eyes and 2 connected behind ears and one above middle of upper lip which appear to have given slight boost. l was looking for more acu points on net and up came:

http: // a very well explained US site about a short system of movements and acupressure we can use daily for a boost which l had forgotten about. ln fact l do have the Donna Eden book where it is from and will look further into it since it seems likely l will have to sort self out as maybe NHS is blocked or Medics dont know, or dont want to. l am posting it here as it may help others with low energy etc

Also there is: which is an amazing holistic site and daily news letter, and

has a Vet site in tandem. However, l do find there is little info on Low Cortisol around but will continue the search. Consultant wanted to recommend me to Fibro - but it doesnt fit with all the problem of facial hair (since 18) and hormonal symptoms. Would be glad also to hear if anyone else has had this more unusual problem

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I don't think low cortisol is an unusual problem for us; nor is the facial hair - could by POS, especially if you had acne when younger?? I've been advocating a lot of thyroid support in the form of vitamins of minerals - as they've worked for me. However, I think I've been neglecting my adrenals and they too need some support... and I'm currently looking into that too.I agree with you that the synacthen test was a complete waste of time - same here!

I've tried a few things food-wise and eating avocados has helped...and interestingly they have a lot of vitamin B5 in them, also tryptophan containing foods as they'll convert to niacin which also supports the adrenals. I suspect that what I may be needing more of now is B5, Niacin and B6... as b12 levels and folate are improved... it's a delicate balancing act! Most B-complexes contain Biotin and B5. The same cells that absorb B5 also absorb Biotin. I suspect that my B-complex isn't helping as my cells are taking on Biotin in preference to B5!

Thank you for all that info, so l am not one of few as it had seemed, and you too found that Test useless - and when it contradicts original blood tests which showed Low Cortisol. l had the worst case of acne till about 35 and extreme PMT as well.

l have found on net it says 3x coffee/day and regular grapefruit helps - just bought both. Article time ago recommended Malek Doyle who is Nutritionist and Sports Trainer, appears good but so are his charges. Medicine these days is a "business" and he as well as other articles recommends licorice root which l am checking out. Did l say l have the Acupoint (DIY acupuncture) which sometimes helps for short while. Pituitary is between the eyes and l was looking for charts to get Hypothalamus and an Adrenal point. When l was training for Reflexology 20 yrs ago, l always hit the roof when they worked on adrenals and kidneys. Kidney is often a stress point for maybe 50% clients.

The facial hair is bit of worry as its getting worse and spreading out and down neck. Used go to College students which was very good and cheap but its now only half a term per year and im not up to spending £30+/week. At college l had 2x 45 min sessions whereas most had 15 mins; says a lot but noone wants to know .l clip off 2-nightly anything up to 300! l will ask about being model for Laser at place l know but now some hair is white & strong, and laser doesnt remove that.

Avocados are certainly rec on many sites, but go slowly 'cas of fat content and weight issues, and will look more into B's. Sometimes getting too tired to always eat properly. But have started NutriBullet which have only used 2x - l put in unfrozen red berries/apple/banana/blueberries/yoghurt/water and a spoon of dried greens powder (health shop). Also just got a Slow Cooker as getting it ready early in day may make me do things! Thanks a ton for your support. This site is invaluable and wish l had found it decades ago.


PS. Meant to add Donna Eden book on Energy Medicine is useful - she has a 7 min daily routine for Energy and well being and l may have to do it in order to survive. lt is shown very clearly on another site:

Reading your post I would first ask how old are u? My thoughts on what ive read so far, low cortisol and facial hair? What about your progesterone levels?? Your body needs progesterone to produce cortisol. In times of stress your body will steal your progesterone to make cortisol and if you dont have any your cortisol will be low and so will your thyroid function. Your progesterone also converts to testesterone under stress and produces facial hair. So my thoughts are have your progesterone tested. If you are premenopause are you ovulating properly and producing adiquate progesterone or are you menopausal and low on progesterone or post menopausal with low adrenal function as after menopause the adrenals take over and produce our progesterone. I had the same problem went through very late menopause and no progesterone. Doc was useless and told me not to be silly at my age i didnt need progesterone. I use natural progesterone gel now without it I would have gone quite mad xx

Thanks.l am retired but have had these problems prob since puberty and definitely from age 25 - with no help from 6/7G Ps who have dismissed all the time till l got stroppy. A healer kept me going for 20 years but has now passed and its 4 yrs since and downhill. Not much aware of progesterone needed to make Cortisol. May l ask how do you apply progesterone gel - in fact some SA doc gave me capsules of that years ago to no effect; and l have a very nasty feeling horses are badly treated in its production. This site is very useful - to know you are not alone - but it doesnt give much hope to many of us. l reckon homeopathic Cortisol may be the best line l can take.

no horses involved with natural progesterone its made from plants. I buy progesterone gel because my doc wouldnt give me prometrium. Prometrium is used for women who threaten to misscarry as progestin would be harmful. Homeopathic cortisol? Havent heard of that one. I put the gel on different parts of my body 25 days a month and give it a break for at least 5 but i find my thyroid function drops without it.

That's useful and glad its plant. So thyroid drops without it. Will consider that. You wont have heard of homeo Cortisol l dont suppose. A proper Homeopathic Pharmacy can make up any subsance in homeopathic format. They did Eccinacea for me once.

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