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I've been sent for a few blood tests and my iron and zinc are low (however I've always suffered with my iron). But my main concern was my B12 results,it came back as 150. Doctor said I may have to go on injections for my life. I'm just worried cause I've read a lot of things what can happen to myself with it being low.

Just wondering if anyone can give me any information or advice on it,thank you

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  • Before you supplement with B12 your doctor has to run an intrinsic factor test to confirm or not that you have pernicious anaemia. His comment 'Doctor said I may have to go on injections for my life' means he think you may have P.A. and you are correct that you need it confirmed.

    He should do this urgently as your clinical symptoms may be due to low B12.

  • Thank you for replying. My Doctor has requested for my to get retested again for iron,zinc and b12 and then she said she will decide if I need injections. Does that sound right?

  • She has to test for the for the intrinsic factor first. I'd pop over to the P.A forum and put your question there. We have to double-check now to make sure doctors know the facts, which they don't appear to.

  • Right I see,how do I raise it about the intrinsic factor first and what type of test is it? Yeah it's worrying that there not always certain

  • Low B12 like that means Pernicous Aneamia and yes it will mean B12 injections for life

    Its auto immune just like Hashimotos

  • Hi, sorry you are going through this, but with proper treatment you will be well. Please look at the Pernicious Anaemia Society web site for valuable information and symptom checklist. You may have symptoms that you don't realise are related to P.A. The intrinsic factor antibody test is unreliable in that is often does produce a false negative result, even if you do have the antibodies, but a positive result for the antibodies is reliable. Is there any other reason that you're not getting enough B12? Again, check the P.A. website. Definitely keep a note book and record any symptoms and let your GP know, and then record any reoccurring symptoms once you start receiving B12 injections. This is important because I found that I felt so much better that I believed that all symptoms would disappear over time due to the B12 injections, and was led by my GP, and the specialist to believe this. Your gp may have said that you will receive 6 injections over 2 weeks, then an injection once a month. However, after 3 months the injections will be reduced to one every 12 weeks. This is fine for many people, but for others this is not nearly enough to maintain good health, which is why your note book will be valuable. I knew nothing about PA when diagnosed, and was so unwell that I couldn't take information in, so it was several months after searching the PA society site, other sites and reading posts on the PA section here, that I had the confidence to ask my doctor to reduce the time between injections, an ongoing process but now I am almost back to normal, so I would say be pre armed with as much knowledge as possible so that you get the correct treatment from the start. Take care and all best wishes.

  • Thanks for the reply. My doctor told me

    how dangerous it can be but didn't really help me by giving me any information. Cause I got tested two weeks ago she wants me to wait till Tuesday and then go get them 3 blood tests done again,once there back she said she will see if I have to start the injections. She said my level 150 isn't anything to worry as it's a good score,but she said it should be 200 to 700 (but looking at the number gap I thought it was something to worry about)

  • I'd never heard of Pernicious Anaemia so I looked it up. I didn't know B12 was sooo important.


  • Thanks for the link;I'll have a read up too

  • That was interested to read because the past few months am constantly tired and I'm always complaining of migraines and being dizzy,I thought my migraines was linked to me having fibromyalgia but guess it could be apart of the b12 instead. I'm hoping the doctors will help me out soon cause I can't tolerate waking up everyday with these low moods. I'm always cold and feeling sick so this explains a lot.

  • healthunlocked.com/search/b...

    Ellie-Louise - the above link will take you to over 21,000 posts about B12 - and that is just on Thyroid UK :-)


    Scroll down in the above link to view the signs and symptoms of B12 Deficiency - which is more than a vitamin deficiency when the result is under 500 - it can be neurological as you will see on the above link. Also some excellent videos under the heading Films . A great book - also on the website - Could it Be B12 ? - by Sally Pacholok. Every home should have a copy !

    There is an epidemic of B12 deficiency at present and so difficult to find understanding Docs - rather like the Thyroid. The two often go together - so a double whammy :-) All the more reason for taking control of our own health.

    I am not a medic - just Hashimotos gal with a B12 issue due to surgery over 40 years ago. I was not informed of the serious consequences. I now live with them - hence my passion !

  • Hello and thank you very much for the links I'll be sure to click on them and have read up on them as I'm sure they will help me. I really appreciate all the feedback as I'm still trying to get my head around all this. At the moment I'm just worried about my life and pray I'll be okay as I have a little boy and I wish to stay healthy for him.

  • Reading and learning for ourselves stops the worry as we quickly learn there are solutions. - so do look at the B12 deficiency link ...

  • Thank you Marz. x 🙂

  • Hope you found the links useful ☺

  • Marz do you think it is a good idea to supplement with B12, my last reading was 212 and I do have a few suspicious symptoms although many I don't, just wondering as I know you to be a well informed lady.

  • Am on my phone so not able to post links for you. Bedtime for me in Crete so will write more in the morning. Send me a PM as a reminder ☺

    Click onto my name and scroll down through posts - there are several on B12 over the years !

    Yes I would supplement - 5000 mcg Jarrow methylcobalamin plus a good B Complex. Jarrow are on Amazon.

    Also read - Could it be 12 ? - by Sally Pacholok. She mentions levels of 1000 to prevent cognitive decline ....

  • Thanks Marz that's helpful. I have just started to read Could it be B12 and no doubt will learn much more.

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