Which probiotics work for you?

Hello, I'm looking for some advice on probiotics. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's 6 years ago. I've been taking 100/125 on alternate days. I've still got various symptoms, one being a fungal nail infection on both my big toe nails. I've been treating this for 5 yrs, I'll almost get rid of it, it will grow out and then just as it's at top of the toe nail, it seems to 'run' back down it again and I have to start again. I've also recently had oral thrush and the inside of my ears are itchy. I've read that taking probiotics could be the answer but I'm aware that not all are equal. Can anyone recommend a brand that works for them? Sorry for the long post ☺

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  • This is information I got from the PAS forum which worked for me - I had thrush, indigestion and reflux for some years all now gone.

    Symprove is excellent, but expensive. I also ate raw, organic sauerkraut, it must be that sort, and some people make their own. I now take 1 tablet of BioKult a day.

  • Thank-you 😊

  • A study about the best probiotics.

    UCL School of Pharmacy Probiotic viability study featured in national ...


  • You could try an anti Candida diet.

  • I've been on the keto diet for the last 5 weeks, to see if cutting down on carbohydrates works. A bit too soon to tell I suppose. Thank-you 😋

  • Hi Bijourain, I have tried a few probiotics but one that really works for me is swansons L.Reuteri Plus with L Rhamnosos, L .Acidophilus and FOS. The over day my order came late and I did not have any for 3 days (this was the only change to my regime). Over the 3 days I gained 2lb and my bloating returned. Worth a try but remember everyone is different and what works for some may not work for others.

  • Thank you mtcorr, I'll look into these😊

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