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Where to buy T3 from, please?


I've decided to give myself a trial on small dose of T3. I have read that many of you source your own T3 medication so you are the 'experts' regarding this.

Please would you help me by advising me a safe, reliable, reasonably priced etc source to purchase some T3? I'd be very grateful for such advice. I'm a bit concerned re buying medication online/overseas but, as so many seem to have managed this, I'm hoping you'll be happy to help me :)

I understand such info must be via PM.

Many thanks. I'm very grateful for all help :)

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.
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Yes, you are correct, information cannot be posted on the forum regarding prescription medications and someone will send you a private message if they have information. I'll close the post now so that only messages can be sent.

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