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Changing from Levo/T3 to Thyroid S

Hi all, I would be most grateful if someone could PM me with reliable source for Thyroid S.  I started to add T3 to Levo mid October. I was taking 125 mg Levo and reduced this gradually while increasing T3.  I have not felt any improvement using T3 and was eventually taking 4x25 mg tablets with 50mg of Levo, so was a bit scared of going any higher.  I have reduced this back to 1x25 mg T3 and increased Levo back up to 150 mg to see if this would help. My basal temperature has never moved, (so much so I bought a new thermometer thinking there must be something wrong with the one I was using).  It is 36.2 and my pulse 60 - 64 bpm.  

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Not an expert, but that sounds like an awful lot of T3 and I suspect doing more harm than good. Think you have done the right thing in cutting back and I suspect your RT3 will be high/over range.

I suspect someone with a bit more know how will comment on a way forward.

Do you have any late blood tests you could post for comment?


Thank you for replying ColinK.  I haven't had any blood tests done recently.

Am due for my annual check next month.  My GP does not have any knowledge of my taking T3, so no doubt will not be pleased at my results when I do get them done.

Hilary 33.



Unless your annual TFT includes FT3 it's not going to be very helpful.  You can order private thyroid tests including FT3 from Blue Horizon and Genova via


Thanks for replying Clutter.  I will try to get GP to include FT3. He has done in the past, although I don't think he knew what to do with the results that came back, just kept me on the same level of Levothyroxine.  Refused to listen when I requested T3, the reason I tried T3 myself.



If thyroid medication isn't making much difference it's worth getting vitamins and minerals checked.  Ask when you have your annual check.

Your doc won't offer to test them, but try to get Vit D, B12, Ferritin and Folate for a start.

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