Re petition for liothyronine and ndt on NHS etc

Dear administrators. I have been promoting The petition on the 38 degrees site.and think we can reach 100,000 signatures for the following reasons

A 100.000 is each person who has signed asking 16 friends or relatives, colleagues, sympathisers to sign too.

BUT before we rally support from acquaintances. Do the 38 degrees site petitions have the same rights as gov. UK site.

As in does it get access to parliament consideration with 100,000 signatures.

I don't want to hinder any work by thyroid UK /yourselves by supporting the wrong direction.

Thank you qnd sorry if I have.


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  • poppy I think you are doing a great job-we need this campaigning

  • Good for you! I've been pondering about this for a while. 38 Degrees do seem to carry some sway but like you say, would a .gov petition be more effective? Do you have a link? Would Admin allow it on here? I bet we'd all sign! 😉

  • They don't have the same rights but can be just as or more effective it depends on other factors.

    Is there a UK based consultant or medical professor prepared to speak to the media in support of the petition?

  • Yes Poppy this petition is long overdue , because to produce T3 doesn't cost much according to the doctors on BBC2 program a few weeks ago. However if you try to get it is around £300 for two month supply and the only option is to go abroad, where you have to pay equivalent to £8.50.

  • Poppy, I think you should contact Lyn Mynott of as there may be other things in the pipeline. To contact Lyn:

  • Thankyou Shaws. Will do. Do not want to hinder anything. Was just pushing what was suggested to me to sign. But know we all need to be together on one plan for success


  • I wanted to get a protest march organised but Brexit happened and I thought until that was sorted polititions might not listen. If a petition doesn't get us anywhere we should so lobby parliament but logistics are a nightmare. We do need to shout as a whole though.

    Well done!

  • I thought I'll add the link to sing the petition:

  • I've shared it on Facebook.

  • Done and shared on facebook also 😊

  • Well done Poppy. You are assured of support from subscribers here.

  • Signed and shared on Facebook :)

  • I have also commented on the other thread about this petition. :D

    We have no idea how you submit petitions run on sites other than .gov or whether they have the same standing or even follow the same 10,000/100,000 rule.



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