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Advice please

I had my annual blood check in Feb 2017.... from the results the Dr felt that I should increase my medication from 75 mg to 100mg. A further blood test in about 8 wks. I've had this done and the results came back yesterday ....the Dr rang me....I'm after clarification really :

My TSH was out of range at 0.19

T4 was 14

B12 fine

Folate ok

There was no T3 result, this wasn't tested because of the cost!!! and also because of the other 2 results, evidently there wasn't a need to test my T3, so I was informed.

I'm to keep on the same amount of levothyroxine 100mg and have my bloods re-tested in 6 months.

Due to my TSH being out of range ... Should my medication have been decreased??? I don't want to become hyper instead of hypo.

Advice appreciated please.

Thank you.

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You can't become hyper, because you're hypo. Thyroid glands don't swing about like that. You can become over-medicated, but your TSH is no guide to that. The TSH is totally irrelevant once you're on thyroid hormone replacement - unless it goes high. It can go as low as it likes, doesn't matter.

How do you feel on 100 mcg? Do you really think you'd like to go down to 75? It would probably make you feel pretty hypo.

The really important number is the FT3, but of course, they won't test that because it's expensive, and they don't understand it, anyway. Failing that, you have to look at the FT4. If that is still in-range, then you aren't over-medicated. Impossible to tell with yours, because you don't give a range, but it certainly doesn't look over-range at first glance. In fact, if the range, like most of them, go up to about 22, you need an increase in dose, not a decrease. :)

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Thank you.

The Dr said that the range for T4 was 9 - 19. Mine was 14 .... So in range.


So, exactly mid-range. Most people need it up near the top of the range to feel well. So, you really could probably do with an increase in dose. Unless you feel well as you are. :)


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