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What a difference :D

Well I have been on 30mg (1/2 grain) of Thyroid-S for 8 days now and OMG what a difference. I didn't expect a result so soon and I have to admit to being skeptical (and a little bit frightened) based on so many Dr's telling me there's nothing wrong.

Coincidence? I don't think so, I've been sleeping well now for the last 2 days and for a normal amount of time (about 7 hours a night) and am actually awake and refreshed for the rest of the time.

The last few days have seen my energy coming back and my enthusiasm to clean the house and do daily things that I previously couldn't be bothered to do has returned. My palpitations have disappeared the in the last 2 days and my resting pulse has gone from 45 bpm to 60 bpm.

I still have aches in my legs but I'm confident that will improve. I went out yesterday and my husband says I'm walking faster (I didn't realise I was slow).

My headaches have gone and my blurred vision is improving.

I know I'm not 100% yet but I do feel very encouraged and more myself than I have in a very long time.

Next week I can increase to 1 grain (60mg) and we'll see how I feel.

I'm an illustrator (in my spare time) and had lost my will to paint as I was too tired all the time after I got home from work and I felt like I couldn't be bothered (painting is my world), I'm now thinking about my next project and looking at current pieces in progress which have been left untouched for over 8 months!

Thank you a thousand times for the information on NDT and self treatment and for the unwavering support. You guys have given me my life back.

Fingers crossed I keep improving.


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You are taking such a tiny dose, an infant dose, that what you are experiencing is some sort of a miracle..because these drugs don't work this quickly even at a higher dose, to repair damage, and get organs back to functioning correctly.


The T3 in it does work that fast. The T4 will take a bit longer to start to have an effect, agreed.


That would make sense to me because I'm suspecting that it's my T3 that's low (can't get it confirmed see previous postings).

Thank you :)


Hi are you doing? Yes, t3 can perk you up rather quickly. Never felt this myself tho.


doing quite well, thank you. I remember the very first time I took pure T3, I got a warm, buzzy feeling inside me. Some people feel that but others don't. I think I was so starved of T4 that my body responded like that,

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Brilliant! Half a grain is roughly equal to 50 mg of levo so it might be all you need. Don't be in too much of a rush to raise it, sticking with the same dose for a few weeks gives you time to adjust nicely. I know some people like to raise every couple of weeks, but the protocol I followed involved raising about ever 4 or 5 weeks. Taking twice as much doesn't make you feel twice as good. :-)

Hope the improvement continues for you. It may be, though that half a grain is all you need.

Keep us posted, always good to hear of people doing well.

xx g.


Fantastic news but I agree with Galathea, don't raise too quickly, maybe stick with a half a grain for 6 weeks and have a blood test to see where you are. I needed nowhere the recommended dose and had to work my way back down to a reasonable level from overmedication. Symptoms of over and under are very similar.

Improvements can be almost immediate, I found that from the first quarter of a grain I took, the temptation is to take more because you feel better, but needs to be resisted.


Thank you for the replies. I know it's a small dose and early days but the changes feel great and are a big boost to me. I'm not 100% as I said, but I am encouraged and functioning so much better.

I think the advice of sticking to my current dose for longer is very sensible especially as it does appear to be doing something.

I also agree that the temptation to increase the dose was powerful but I agree it could set me back and I hadn't considered that so thank you.



Messyrooms, it's good that you've felt improvement so quickly but there is more to come as you won't feel the full impact of half a grain for 4-6 weeks. Have a look at this link

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What a brilliant article, so glad I read that, makes a lot of sense. Thank you :)


Agree with others about not raising too soon. You could upset the applecart. So pleased you have taken control, the NHS would have you living a half life for the rest of your life. Too bad we never make up the years that ignorant NHS Gps have stolen from us

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